The Whim Crew

You’ve found love. Let’s celebrate! Our goal is to help you plan a celebration that shows who you are, and what your life together is all about. As in life, the journey should be as good as the destination, so planning your wedding should be as dreamy and fun as the day itself….

We are excited to get to know you.  Here’s a bit about us:

Moira Thompson, Co-Founder, Aesthetics Director & Floral Designer

Natalie Pinney, Co-Founder, Creative Director & Event Planner







Moira Thompson, Co-founder, Aesthetics Director & Floral Designer:

As a child, my mother always thought it was cute that I would spend hours cleaning my room and decorating it, just to watch a movie. Since then I have never lost my desire to create a mood for whatever the circumstance. The perfect party is a delicate balance of the right music, the right setting,  the food etc. My specialty is the decor and ambiance. I am fortunate enough to have spent the last ten years working with some of the best floral designers in Boston  –  Hallie’s Garden and Winston Flowers. I’ve learned how nature can bring life to any room. The lighting is deeply important to me as well… the right lighting truly creates a sense of wonderment when done correctly. I have two years of experience with set design and behind the scene production.  It’s important to me to create a beautiful backdrop to your celebration. I studied sculpture and installation art while at Suffolk University. Working in a studio and thinking outside the box has completely opened my imagination when it comes to weddings. I love creating new ideas and seeing them come to life in your ideal setting.



Natalie Pinney, Co-founder, Creative Director & Event Planner:

I have been in 17 weddings. Yup, that’s not a misprint!  I often count them out on my fingers and toes for those who don’t believe me.  For years, I watched my best girl friends get married, saying things like “Natalie, you’re totally the girl in 27 dresses!” and “OMG! You should be a wedding planner!” At the time, I was so immersed in puffy bridesmaids’ dresses, that I had no idea it would actually happen.  Before Whim (or, as I like to call it, 2003-2010 BW), I spent seven awesome years working as the brand manager  & events coordinator for companies like Bostons Weekly Dig & Magners Irish Cider. I also spent 6 months in Munich, Germany, launching Magners and hosting events to promote it. It was at the point when my love for events began. I love creating events and finding little details that make people feel something – excited, entertained, empowered, loved. One of my favorite things about planning a wedding is how much feeling is involved  My true love is being able to discover the couple, and find ways to create feeling and personality in every aspect of their day. I love when I’m planning weddings and I hear guests say things like: “I love this wedding. It is TOTALLY (insert bride or groom’s name)!” If I hear that, I know I’ve done my job!


Caitlin N.: Day of Coordinator & Assistant Event Coordinator

My interest in event design and coordination is rooted in my experience working in fundraising and development in the cultural arts sector. Working first at non-profit institutions like the MFA Boston and the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, and then in the commercial art world at Ben Elwes Fine Art in London, I am lucky to have had the opportunity to work with varying degrees of budget and taste. I look at each new event as a clean canvas, and am thrilled by the idea of using countless materials (florals, linens, stationery, light, etc.) to create a finished work of art. I studied English and Art History at Stonehill College (Easton, MA), and received my MA in Art Business from Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London. My strength is in coordination and vendor management, and I am excited to be the point person for any day-of issues, giving you the opportunity to fully enjoy every aspect of your wedding day that you have anticipated for so long!


Mandi F: Day of Coordinator & Assistant Event Coordinator

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t obsessed with weddings.  One of the most interesting aspects of a wedding to me is how with the proper planning, all the moving pieces come together to create a picture perfect day. Attention to details and organization are my specialty! As an intern at my alma mater Suffolk University, I helped plan a few events between the Center for Public Management and the Massachusetts State House. Through that experience I learned the importance of making sure all your i’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed so that your event can go off without a hitch, which is especially important on your wedding day! Combing my love of organization with my love of weddings has proved to be a perfect pairing.


Julie DiGiovine of The Stylish One: Style Director

Helping people look and feel their best through the art of fashion has always been a passion of mine. That is why I created the life and style brand, The Stylish One. I am a professional bridal and wardrobe stylist, a contributor for Boston Magazine, and a branding/marketing professional. I started my career in fashion at Vera Wang in Boston where I styled brides and their wedding party while helping them navigate the world of weddings. I have also styled fashion shows and photo shoots (including segments for Fox 25 News and WHDH) and produced a successful event for Boston Fashion Week.  My experience at Vera Wang showed me there is nothing like helping a bride-to-be discover her “bridal self” for her Biggest Day. I believe that like a fairy godmother, a great stylist can change your life! Website: | Twitter: @TheStylishOne_ | Pinterest: |

Erin: Designer & Crafter Extraordinaire

I once bought the domain I never did anything with it, but it remains a pretty good characterization of my preoccupations. ( would have been better, but that was over the top.) After a decade of experience with restaurants, weddings, and events, I love nothing more than the power of celebration and of sharing your happiness with those you love in the form a giant, awesome party. I’m tickled to be part of Whim’s flower crew, or as a recent bowling match put it, Team Artsy Fartsy. I’ve also recently launched a project called Shorthand, which is a DIY-enabling resource for couples who want to create uncommon wedding details and crafts. Shorthand and Whim will be partnering on workshops throughout the wedding season, from general how-to and inspiration all the way on up to tailored crafting parties for you and your crew. Cheers!


Thea: Floral Design Assistant
I found my passion for design in antiques and art restoration. But living things have always been my true love. Flowers are amazing to me because they’re so ephemeral — every moment matters. I met Moira serendipitously while choosing flowers for a party, and I’m thrilled to be helping with floral design for the 2013 season.





Meera: Fitness Contributor & Aesthetics & Event Planning Assistant

I have been in the Fitness/Wellness world for over 20 years. I received my Masters degree at UCONN in Fitness Management and  undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree at Springfield College for Health and Fitness.  I am AFAA certified in Weight Training, Kickboxing, and Primary Aerobics.  I have worked in corporations giving weight loss seminars, creating various incentive programs, implementing preventative Repetitive Strain Injury classes, personal training several different clientele, and hosting several events including Health Fairs company wide.  My passion in fitness is also shown in my past Figure Competitions – which I use to motivate myself and learn more about how the body responds. I love working with brides to help them get in shape and feel great for their big day.

Aesthetics bio: Museums, beautiful color combinations, music, majestic mountain views, different cloud shapes, the vastness and strength of oceans,  sunlight and shadows, patterns, photography, the love of animals, random acts of kindness and food is what inspires me.  When event planning, I delve into my inspirations and love to create beautiful spaces that make people feel special.  I enjoy creating menus, time frames, and spaces that all relate to the event’s theme.


Sammi: Whimtern

Ever since I was given the privilege of planning prom during my junior year of high school I’ve been pursuing a life centered on the wonderful world of weddings and special events. The entire experience hooked me – from planning to creation of decorations to execution of the event – I was in love with it all. In the three years I’ve been at Elon University, I have had the opportunity to be involved in the planning and execution of countless special events for my sorority, my major, and Elon’s alternative breaks program.  I was even fortunate enough to work with the Junior League of Boston for a month to assist in planning their biggest fundraiser of the year. Each one of these experiences has expanded my creativity, taught me collaboration, and shown me that hard work and dedication always pay off. Weddings are real-life fairytales, and I love being a part of making those fairytales a reality. Most girls dream of their own wedding day, I dream of everyone else’s!


Kelsey: Whimtern

Ever since I was a little girl, I enjoyed listening and planning events, even as simple as a play date.  My favorite part would be picking out what activity I would do or what fun game to play at family parties.  After planning my first fundraising event when I was in second grade, I knew I was meant to plan events, just for the end result of seeing the smile and happiness on someone’s face.  Once I graduated high school I decided to attend the University of South Carolina for event planning. Since then I am currently finishing my degree at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. I love the whole process of events, from seeing the initial idea to creating this special day and watching everything unfold.