The Whim Crew

You’ve found love. Let’s celebrate! Our goal is to help you plan a celebration that shows who you are, and what your life together is all about. As in life, the journey should be as good as the destination, so planning your wedding should be as dreamy and fun as the day itself….

We are excited to get to know you.  Here’s a bit about us, the #whimen:








Moira Thompson, Co-founder, Aesthetics Director & Floral Designer:

As a child, my mother always thought it was cute that I would spend hours cleaning my room and decorating it, just to watch a movie. Since then I have never lost my desire to create a mood for whatever the circumstance. The perfect party is a delicate balance of the right music, the right setting,  the food etc. My specialty is the decor and ambiance. I am fortunate enough to have spent the last ten years working with some of the best floral designers in Boston  –  Hallie’s Garden and Winston Flowers. I’ve learned how nature can bring life to any room. The lighting is deeply important to me as well… the right lighting truly creates a sense of wonderment when done correctly. I have two years of experience with set design and behind the scene production.  It’s important to me to create a beautiful backdrop to your celebration. I studied sculpture and installation art while at Suffolk University. Working in a studio and thinking outside the box has completely opened my imagination when it comes to weddings. I love creating new ideas and seeing them come to life in your ideal setting.



Natalie Pinney, Co-founder, Creative Director & Event Planner:

I have been in 17 weddings. Yup, that’s not a misprint!  I often count them out on my fingers and toes for those who don’t believe me.  For years, I watched my best girl friends get married, saying things like “Natalie, you’re totally the girl in 27 dresses!” and “OMG! You should be a wedding planner!” At the time, I was so immersed in puffy bridesmaids’ dresses, that I had no idea it would actually happen.  Before Whim (or, as I like to call it, 2003-2010 BW), I spent seven awesome years working as the brand manager  & events coordinator for companies like Bostons Weekly Dig & Magners Irish Cider. I also spent 6 months in Munich, Germany, launching Magners and hosting events to promote it. It was at the point when my love for events began. I love creating events and finding little details that make people feel something – excited, entertained, empowered, loved. One of my favorite things about planning a wedding is how much feeling is involved  My true love is being able to discover the couple, and find ways to create feeling and personality in every aspect of their day. I love when I’m planning weddings and I hear guests say things like: “I love this wedding. It is TOTALLY (insert bride or groom’s name)!” If I hear that, I know I’ve done my job!




Giovanna: Event & Floral Designer

Love has always been a notion that I have adored and preached to anyone I have ever met. I believe this adoration began when I was a little girl and Disney brainwashed me that everyone deserves their beautiful happy ending, thanks Walt. I never knew exactly how to marry (pun intended) my talents for design and awe of love into a career. After traveling abroad, working for a high-end designer in London, graduating from Sage College of Albany with a Bachelors in Fine Arts and a concentration in Interior Design and working a handful of odd end jobs, I landed a job at a floral design studio where I was born and raised in Schenectady, New York.  However, since I was 10 I knew that Boston was where I belonged and so the search for a job in Boston began. That is when the wonderful Whimen came into my life and took me under their wings. I was submerged in the wedding design world in the wonderful city of Boston and haven’t looked back since. I knew from the very first wedding I helped to create that this is what I was meant to do. My love for love and passion for design made that decision a no-brainer. There is nothing better than creating the biggest day of a couples life together into an unforgettable memory that they will carry with them always and I could not be happier to do so with a fabulous group of ladies in a company so great as Whim.

Kelsey: Event Coordinator & Account Manager

Ever since I was a little girl, I enjoyed listening and planning events, even as simple as a play date.  My favorite part would be picking out what activity I would do or what fun game to play at family parties.  After planning my first fundraising event when I was in second grade, I knew I was meant to plan events, just for the end result of seeing the smile and happiness on someone’s face.  Once I graduated high school I decided to attend the University of South Carolina for event planning. Since then I am currently finishing my degree at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. I love the whole process of events, from seeing the initial idea to creating this special day and watching everything unfold.