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Designing the Details Workshop 4.3.16

Consider our next workshop Wedding Planning 201! We’re teaming up with Bash Studio and the Urban Grape on 4.3.16 for a Sunday brunch class engaged couples will love. If you attended Wedding 101, you learned Stage 1 of planning: Making a Plan and Booking the Big stuff. Now we are on to Stage 2: Making it Pretty ( ie; the details!) We will be sharing just how important it is to design your wedding with details that will go far beyond the wedding day.  Plus, cocktails, wine, donuts and soooo many giveaways! Click below to register. See you soon!! xoxox

Lyman Estate Wedding: Nora & Rick

Last year, the sweetest couple, Nora & Rick attended our  Wedding Planning workshop.  That night, they won our biggest giveaway, a complimentary design concept board, valued at $500! We were so excited to chat about their wedding at the historic Lyman Estate.  In the coming months, we learned they wanted a casual yet elegant fall event where their guests felt relaxed. They also wanted to wow them with special touches like the Cookie Monstah  (and if we remember correctly, Rick was the lover of cookies and baking!) They loved the idea of incorporating leaf design elements throughout the details. They had stellar vision to start with, but wanted to make sure it looked cohesive on the wedding day.

We created a custom design board for them with inspiration pictures and sources for items like paper, tablescape, florals, detail items and more. Later, they ended up working with us for floral, so it is amazing to see how the actual event turned out in comparison to the original design board. Nora really took the ideas and ran. Nora and Rick, you guys were ON POINT!!!!! Check out the original design board we created below compared to the the actual wedding day!

Nora & Rick, you two really are the sweetest. Cookie pun totally intended.

Amazing Photos by Caroline Talbot Photography!! Other great sources: Calligraphy & Signage: Posh & Prep | Florals: Giovanna of Whim Events | Invitations + Paper Good: Minted | Rentals by Peterson Party Center | Napkins + Stirrers: | Table Numbers & Mr. & Mrs. Sign: LhCalligraphy

Congrats, Nora & Rick!!!!

Castle Hill Inn Wedding: Katie & Taylor

Katie + Taylor came to Whim for flowers for their vintage nautical themed wedding in Newport, how could we resist?! We loved their clear vision for a July 4th wedding weekend at Castle Hill Inn.  Katie + Taylor picked our Signature Floral package with our Mercury Glass vases with lush florals.  Moira used hydrangea, garden roses, greens, and dahlias to create the centerpieces, which we paired with a white lantern to complete the table scape.  The beautiful day was captured by Stop Go Love, take a peak!

Congrats Katie + Taylor!


Find Your Wedding Inspiration: 50’s Themed Wedding
50's Blog

Have you ever been drawn to a specific era? For me that era is the 50’s. I always thought that if I met my grandparents when they we’re in their 20’s we would have been best friends. Then it got me thinking.. Why couldn’t you have your wedding theme be inspired by an era you wished you lived in? So here is our take on that theory:

The Whimen’s Inspiration: The 50’s! Colors: Muted tones of pink and mustard with punches of the Whim staple- Teal.

Tablescape: Since we wanted to keep the 50’s feel we made the dining area picnic inspired! We brought in that Picnic look with patterned napkins, a clean wood table and bright snapdragons- just like in Mom’s backyard! Plus, who can resist classic picnic food. Deviled eggs and a jello mold? Yum!

Florals: It’s so hard to choose just one flower for your centerpieces and in most cases we are always encouraging of not picking a class pet. However, these snapdragons we’re just irresistible and too perfect for the color scheme. So the gold star goes to the snapdragon.

Details: It’s very important to us that every detail of the event had a hint of nostalgia. So the paper was inspired by vintage typography and old school slideshow cameras, The View Master – talk about a throwback! The Hive Bar was a huge influence and essential piece to this event as it brought in the nostalgia and served up classic drinks with a twist, Don Draper would be proud. Photos taken by the fabulous Carla Ten Eyck .


Rockport Wedding: Alex & Christina

We had the pleasure of being part of Alex + Christina’s wedding day this past summer at the Windhover Center for Performing Arts.  Alex and Christina met in the restaurant business, and wanted to bring a sense of hospitality into their big day.  They incorporated both their backgrounds to create a perfect balance of New England + Southern cuisine!  We loved their relaxed vibe and their clear sense of vision for creating a simple day with friends and family.  Alex and Christina  chose our Magic Details package. Moira filled her bouquet with her favorites; billy balls, hydrangea, roses, ranunculus, dahlias, and greens.  The color palette was light yellow, pink, white, and green. Brianna Cox did an amazing job at capturing their special day. P.S., take a peak at her blush wedding dress, we love it!

Congratulations Alex + Christina!

xo Kelsey


Find Your Inspiration: Wildflowers

Throughout the many weddings that Whim has beautified we have seen many fabulous couples come in with an idea or feeling as an inspiration for their big day. In some cases a couple may be an open book and that’s totally cool with us! Our job is to pull an idea or theme out of that jumbled web-like wedding brain of yours. Luckily we have 4 brains that get to pick yours apart! It’s like having 4 wedding therapists (or perhaps Whimapists?) Most of the time you won’t even know you’ve got your theme until we hear you say one word that makes our eyes light up (and no that’s not our “crazed wedding planner” look it’s our “that’s it” look). So don’t be scared when we look at each other and start blurting out sounds like  “EE!!!” “Ooo!” and “AHH!”. Those are the sounds of success, my friends. That is what this blog is all about. Showing how we “Find Your Inspiration” and create a wedding by a single thought, idea or object. Enjoy! -G

The Whimen’s Inspiration: A Field of Wildflowers
Colors: ROYGBIV, baby. We took on the entire color wheel. 
Tablescape: We went Au Naturel when it came to tablescape.  The Rattan chargers and twine wrapped napkins/utensils add an awesome texture to the already arts and craft style farm table.
Florals: The free-spirited bride wanted the florals to appear as if they were freshly plucked from a field which suits her oh-so well. 
Favors: Jam was their jam. Get it? And how adorable are those labels? What a way to preserve their love! Okay, I’m done with the puns. For now at least.  
Details: It was important for us to capture the effortless style of the bride an groom. We wanted to create a setting that was as easy-going and relaxed as the couple. A lot of string lights, tea lights and additional greens helped us to accomplish that feel within and outside of the tent. They were a breeze to work with, so we thought their wedding should be nothing less than a breeze for them. 
See, even looking out your window on a road trip and seeing something breathtaking like a field of wildflowers could be your wedding inspiration. There is no limit to inspiration, well maybe there is. If you’re having kids attend the wedding let’s keep it PG, people.
wedding wildflower inspiration
Beechwood Hotel Wedding: Audrena & Tim

When we first met Audrena, we absolutely adored how charismatic and excited she was!  Every design meeting we had with her, she cried tears of joy.  We love to see brides with such a sense of passion and love for creating such a sentimental wedding. She came to Whim with a vision of an intimate, romantic, film noir wedding. SWOON! She and her fiance Tim had an epic love story of their own, and we jumped at the opportunity to be a part of it. Audrena chose our Custom Floral Design as well as our Event Styling to bring their love story to life on the big day! The flowers are lush, textured, deep, and moody.  All of the flowers were in a deep pink, blush, maroon, cream, and green color scheme.  We used flowers like Astilbe, Roses, Hanging Amaranthus, Protea, Coxcomb, and Dahlias to create her dream lush floral arrangements.

This gorgeous wedding took place at the Beechwood Hotel, and the day was captured by the talented Nicole Baas. Audrena + Tim’s wedding day was also featured on Ruffled blog, take a peak here! Congrats Audrena + Tim! We heart you. We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we do! xo Kelsey

Find Your Wedding Inspiration: Brazilian Throws

One of the first things we do when a couple comes to us for event design and styling is ask them what their home looks like. What personal style do they have? Where do they shop? What colors are in their living room? Most of the time, inspiration is right under their noses but they are temporarily blinded by the bling. ;). Our job is to bring out that inspiration and translate it into the best day of their lives! So, each month, we will be blogging a piece called “Find Your Inspiration,” taking one inspiration piece and showing how that favorite can make a gorgeous wedding design.

wedding brazilian beach inspiration {What they wished for}“Southwestern desert meets Brazilian beach with a touch of magic.” A party that meshed their love for travel together and the groom’s Brazilian culture. Here’s how we made it come to life:
{Our Inspiration}: We loved the idea that a beautiful Brazilian throw or colorful Pendleton blanket seemed to sum up the entire design of the day. Think: cozy, cultured and colorful!
{Colors}: No shade is missing from these gorgeous throws, so we had free range to choose the hues. We loved mixing in bright yellows, vibrant orange, deep pinks, reds, blues and greens into the design.
{Tablescape}: We selected colorful and earthy pottery from West Elm as the centerpiece, mixing in cactus plants and bright blooms. To create a natural look for table scape, we used a simple striped linens and copper silverware, similarly used in Brazilian kitchens, for that cozy feel.
{Floral}: Both the bride and groom loved using local and cultural flowers, with a ton of texture. We even included mini pineapples! (Note: We will never reject the idea of using mini pineapples, ever.)
{Food}: The couple served family-style seasonal cuisine, colorful including fish & vegetarian dishes. The colors and texture of the food added to the table design!
{Details}: The grooms mother gave the couple a traditional piece of Brazilian artwork, featuring a couple on their wedding day. We highlighted this cultural gift by hanging it in plain view of the guests as they entered the reception room.
Photos by Katie Noble Photo. 


The idea that a throw can translate into a colorful and comfortable wedding day is kindof cool right? In fact, we might call it downright magical. What element in your home inspires you?
How to Salvage Wilting Dahlias

We’ve all been there, the day of your wedding you check on the flowers and those pesky Dahlias are bruised, wilted, or just falling apart. Oh no! The day is ruined! How can we go on, right?! Actually, you have nothing to fear! While working on a wedding this month, we decided to put the petals of a few Dahlias in jars for the bride to use as she pleased. The petals were already falling off and we figured, hey, why risk it? What we didn’t realize, is how GORGEOUS the Dahlias would turn out after we pulled the petals off. Don’t believe me? You should! And just in case you want to do it yourself, here’s a tutorial of what we did!

Step 1: Buy, cut and clean Dahlias.

This step seems pretty straightforward.. I think we’ve all got the buying part down, but if anyone is confused about what we mean by “cut and clean” it simply means to give each stem a sharp, fresh cut at the bottom (on an angle so the stem doesn’t sit at the bottom of the vase and block any water flow) and to remove any leaves that fall below the waterline; removing leaves that will rest in the water will prevent your flowers from sitting in dirty, rotten water. Everybody following so far? Great!

Step 2: Remove petals.

Again, fairly self explanatory, but the key to this is to be gentle in removing the petals. Grab only a couple petals at a time and gently pull away from the center of the flower until you feel them give. Once a few petals are removed, you’ll start to see green “petals”, be sure not to pull these as they are the key to salvaging the flowers. (You can see the green “petals” in the picture below if you’re confused!) After you’ve removed several of the petals, you can start to take creative license with how “naked” you want your Dahlias to be. For the wedding where we made the discovery, we left a few purple petals in the center to add some flair to them.

Step 3. Get creative with your petals!

Now after all that hard work pulling off the petals, you definitely won’t want to just throw them away! We put the petals in cute Mason jars, but there are endless possibilities for what you can do with them. Give them to your flower girl to sprinkle along the aisle, spread them out around placecards or favors, even lay them on your cake in lieu of cake flowers!

As Momma says, “there is a solution to every problem” and she could not be more right, especially when it comes to flowers! Next time you find your Dahlias drooping, try this method and show us the results! Or try it out with a different flowers and let us know how it went!!

Cheers, y’all!


Four Decor Alternatives to WOW your Guests

If you want to add character to your wedding ceremony or reception venue but don’t necessarily want to use flowers, there are a number of flora alternatives that can make the look of your wedding unique. Whether you are aiming for a rustic look, natural feel or want to add color without blossoms, thinking outside of the flower box is key and include more options than you’d think!


Go out on a vine. Vines are the perfect way to subtly decorate a larger space because they appear natural and can easily be draped over or hung from anything. Species such as Hops and Ivy are perfect for decorating bare columns or draping across a table for a finishing touch.

boston wedding flowers


Think with your stomach. Fruits and vegetables are the perfect way to add color to your wedding venue without the use of flowers. Personalize your decorations by including you or your fiancé’s favorite fruits or veggies; if they’re ripe enough, they could even provide a nice, healthy snack for your guests!

boston wedding flowers


Get the herbal essence. Not only would herbs bring a one-of-a-kind look to your wedding, but they would also bring an amazing aroma to your whole venue. Pick your favorite smell and place a few springs here and there throughout your decorations to create a natural perfume in the air.

wedding tablescape


Brown is the new green. For a more rustic look, try incorporating branches or shoots of plants with earthy tones that contrast traditional greenery. Curly Willow branches are perfect to achieve this look because they create texture and can cover a larger area than a centerpiece or fill an empty area in your venue.

wedding candles


Do you have any floral alternatives ideas? We would love to hear all about them!




Photo Credits: Whim Events