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Castle Hill Inn Wedding: Katie & Taylor

Katie + Taylor came to Whim for flowers for their vintage nautical themed wedding in Newport, how could we resist?! We loved their clear vision for a July 4th wedding weekend at Castle Hill Inn.  Katie + Taylor picked our Signature Floral package with our Mercury Glass vases with lush florals.  Moira used hydrangea, garden roses, greens, and dahlias to create the centerpieces, which we paired with a white lantern to complete the table scape.  The beautiful day was captured by Stop Go Love, take a peak!

Congrats Katie + Taylor!


Rockport Wedding: Alex & Christina

We had the pleasure of being part of Alex + Christina’s wedding day this past summer at the Windhover Center for Performing Arts.  Alex and Christina met in the restaurant business, and wanted to bring a sense of hospitality into their big day.  They incorporated both their backgrounds to create a perfect balance of New England + Southern cuisine!  We loved their relaxed vibe and their clear sense of vision for creating a simple day with friends and family.  Alex and Christina  chose our Magic Details package. Moira filled her bouquet with her favorites; billy balls, hydrangea, roses, ranunculus, dahlias, and greens.  The color palette was light yellow, pink, white, and green. Brianna Cox did an amazing job at capturing their special day. P.S., take a peak at her blush wedding dress, we love it!

Congratulations Alex + Christina!

xo Kelsey


Find your Inspiration: Vibrant Handmade Pillow
Inspiration can strike at anytime! It could be an amazingly vibrant wallpaper or maybe even an heirloom like a pillow your great grandmother crocheted. Whatever may strike your wedding fancy, roll with it! 
boston wedding flowers
{The Whimens Inspiration}: A beautifully vibrant handmade pillow (or cushion if you’re from England) 
{Colors}: Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow- Warm Tones.
{Tablescape}: We suggest keeping elements of the table (like the tablecloth, plates and utensils) simple and clean in tones of white or cream. Then you can bring in the pops of colors into the napkins and centerpieces so that the overall look isn’t drenched in color. 

{Florals}: Use simple apothecary jars with various brightly colored flowers. Let the flowers do all the work when it comes to color. I mean, seriously, just look at these colors! It’s like they got all dressed up for this occasion and boy, do we appreciate it. 

{Favors}: Keeping the handcrafted theme and inspiration in mind the couple had a friend make their own pale ale! We love when a couple enjoys seriously awesome craft beer especially when they give it as favors.

{Details}: If you have been sitting here wondering why the bride in this collage looks super familiar, it could be because it’s our one and only Natalie Pinney! And if you know Natalie, you understand her choice in bright colors and details! Her vibrant personality definitely comes though in all of her wedding photos (taken by the amazing Katie Noble). A little suggestion from the bride regarding the details of your wedding is to make sure that you let your photographer know that detail shots are important to you. They sure were important to Natalie and it shows!

Beechwood Hotel Wedding: Audrena & Tim

When we first met Audrena, we absolutely adored how charismatic and excited she was!  Every design meeting we had with her, she cried tears of joy.  We love to see brides with such a sense of passion and love for creating such a sentimental wedding. She came to Whim with a vision of an intimate, romantic, film noir wedding. SWOON! She and her fiance Tim had an epic love story of their own, and we jumped at the opportunity to be a part of it. Audrena chose our Custom Floral Design as well as our Event Styling to bring their love story to life on the big day! The flowers are lush, textured, deep, and moody.  All of the flowers were in a deep pink, blush, maroon, cream, and green color scheme.  We used flowers like Astilbe, Roses, Hanging Amaranthus, Protea, Coxcomb, and Dahlias to create her dream lush floral arrangements.

This gorgeous wedding took place at the Beechwood Hotel, and the day was captured by the talented Nicole Baas. Audrena + Tim’s wedding day was also featured on Ruffled blog, take a peak here! Congrats Audrena + Tim! We heart you. We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we do! xo Kelsey

Find Your Wedding Inspiration: Brazilian Throws

One of the first things we do when a couple comes to us for event design and styling is ask them what their home looks like. What personal style do they have? Where do they shop? What colors are in their living room? Most of the time, inspiration is right under their noses but they are temporarily blinded by the bling. ;). Our job is to bring out that inspiration and translate it into the best day of their lives! So, each month, we will be blogging a piece called “Find Your Inspiration,” taking one inspiration piece and showing how that favorite can make a gorgeous wedding design.

wedding brazilian beach inspiration {What they wished for}“Southwestern desert meets Brazilian beach with a touch of magic.” A party that meshed their love for travel together and the groom’s Brazilian culture. Here’s how we made it come to life:
{Our Inspiration}: We loved the idea that a beautiful Brazilian throw or colorful Pendleton blanket seemed to sum up the entire design of the day. Think: cozy, cultured and colorful!
{Colors}: No shade is missing from these gorgeous throws, so we had free range to choose the hues. We loved mixing in bright yellows, vibrant orange, deep pinks, reds, blues and greens into the design.
{Tablescape}: We selected colorful and earthy pottery from West Elm as the centerpiece, mixing in cactus plants and bright blooms. To create a natural look for table scape, we used a simple striped linens and copper silverware, similarly used in Brazilian kitchens, for that cozy feel.
{Floral}: Both the bride and groom loved using local and cultural flowers, with a ton of texture. We even included mini pineapples! (Note: We will never reject the idea of using mini pineapples, ever.)
{Food}: The couple served family-style seasonal cuisine, colorful including fish & vegetarian dishes. The colors and texture of the food added to the table design!
{Details}: The grooms mother gave the couple a traditional piece of Brazilian artwork, featuring a couple on their wedding day. We highlighted this cultural gift by hanging it in plain view of the guests as they entered the reception room.
Photos by Katie Noble Photo. 


The idea that a throw can translate into a colorful and comfortable wedding day is kindof cool right? In fact, we might call it downright magical. What element in your home inspires you?
Four Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Favors!

For most brides, wedding favors are on the very bottom of their priority list when it comes to planning their big day. But believe it or not, your wedding favors are a pretty important element in your wedding. Wedding favors are a way for you to say “thank you” to your guests for not only coming to your wedding, but also loving and supporting you for however long you have known them (and, you know, thanking them for the gifts they inevitably brought). You want to be sure to send the right message, but how?

Go green. Whether your wedding is really eco-friendly or not, your guests will love a favor that they can bring home and cherish for a long time. Hand out mini succulents, or give away bags of seeds from your favorite flowers. (Maybe even the same type of flowers you have at your wedding!) Another way to reduce the waste from your wedding is to provide bags that your guests can use to take flowers from your wedding home at the end of the night! The fact that your favors are sustainable – and beautiful – will be such a hit that you can guarantee they’ll all be gone by the end of the night!

Go practical. Having favors that your guests can either use at your wedding or at home long after your wedding is over will be very popular. Provide sunglasses or umbrellas for an outdoor ceremony, or set out cute little salt and pepper shakers for your guests to take home. Your guests will appreciate being able to use your favor long after your wedding has ended.

Go edible. Treat your guests to some homemade jam, honey, or local syrup. Nobody can resist an edible favor, and they can tie in to almost any theme! There are endless possibilities, from coffee or tea to oils and spices to signature sweets. In fact, these favors may be so popular that some of your guests might use them before they even get home!

 Credit Image: Whim Events & Avenna Studios Photogaphy


Go drinkable. If you’re the type of couple who loves to drink, share that love with your guests by making your favors drink paraphernalia (just make sure they’re all 21). Wine and beer glasses are some of the best drink wedding favors, and they’re fairly inexpensive. These favors can also be used as decoration at your wedding; organize them in a space where they will be seen and appreciated until the end of the night when your guests can take them home. You could even personalize them so your guests are reminded of what an amazing time they had at your wedding every time they use them!

Remember, your favors should be something your guests will really enjoy. Your wedding favors should reflect you and your fiancés’ personalities – or relationship – and something that every guest will enjoy. Match the theme of your wedding, or share a secret passion you and your fiancé have for something; just try to stay away from giving your guests a picture of the two of you, while your grandparents may absolutely love it, your best friend’s date may not be all too thrilled.


Tell us, what’s the best wedding favor you’ve ever gotten?

Six Unconventional Vases for Your Wedding Flowers

No matter what the theme of your wedding is, a unique vase for your flowers is a great way to add a personal touch to both your ceremony and reception. Whether the vessel means something to you and your hubby or you just like the look of it, the right vase can bring your already beautiful flowers from stunning to jaw dropping.

Add a little beautiful irony to your centerpieces by keeping your flowers in pretty watering cans. Use it in an outdoor garden wedding or place it in a prominent place as a focal point in a rustic wedding. You’re guests will love how adorable it looks, and appreciate the humor of keeping your flowers in a watering can!

View More:

Credit Image: Deborah Zoe Photography

Having a fall wedding? Arrange your flowers in a gourd to keep the theme of your wedding. Gourds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so you’ll have a lot of variety. Not only is this a great natural option for a vase, but also it will give off a warm, comforting ambiance. 

If you’d rather have stem-less flowers incorporated into your wedding, try suspending glass baubles and placing the flowers inside of them. This is a gorgeous, seamless look that can be hung at many different heights to create aesthetic texture. It’s also a look that is versatile, so it will go with any wedding!

 Credit Image: Carla Ten Eyck

Repurpose a couple old light bulbs and use them as vases in your wedding. Light bulbs are perfect for smaller bud vases and their unique shape will draw a lot of attention. They can also be displayed in several different ways: hang them from a stand, group them together on the table, or suspend them from the ceiling for a floating look.


 Credit Image: Carla Ten Eyck

 A fun way to bring character to your wedding is by using alcohol bottles as vases! What better way to show off you and your hubby’s personalities than by using your favorite alcohol bottles to hold the beautiful flowers you picked out together? Just make sure they’re thoroughly washed out before you put flowers into them!


Photo: Katie Noble Photo

Whether your wedding is classic, rustic, natural, or full of personality, there are hundreds of unique options for vases other than mason jars and urns. Explore your options, think outside the box, and have fun with it!

Tell us, what’s the craziest vase you’ve ever seen?

Reminiscing Made Easy: 4 Ways to Commemorate Your Wedding

Once your fairy tale day ends, you’ll always have the memories and pictures to help you remember what an amazing day it was. If you wish there was just one more way you could incorporate the memories of your wedding into everyday married life, you’re in luck! There are plenty of ways to repurpose items from your wedding so that you can relive that magical day.

 Take some of the most important parts of your wedding and turn them into a Christmas ornament. Fill a clear, glass ornament with dried petals from your bouquet and the cork from your wedding wine and then write the date of your wedding on the outside of the ornament. Every time you pull it out for Christmas, you’ll remember how amazing your day was, and it may even cause you to go through your wedding pictures again!

Bring back the butterflies of your wedding day after you and your beau have your first real fight. On the day of your wedding, put a bottle of wine, two glasses and a love letter from each of you into a box and nail the box shut together during your reception. When you have your first fight as a married couple, open the box, read the letters and drink the wine. Not only will this bring back memories of your wedding day but it will also strengthen your relationship by showing that you can get past the fights of married couples.

Hire an artist to capture the magic of your wedding and you’ll have a keepsake that you can hang in your home for years to come! Whether it’s the ceremony you want painted, the reception, or a special moment in your wedding, the painting will stand out on the walls of your new home and every time you pass by, you’ll remember what a great time you had.

Since your wedding dress can take months to find – and be very costly – display it in your house to get more bang for your buck. There’s no rule that says after your wear your wedding dress you have to hide it from the rest of the world forever. This was the perfect gown when you found it, show it off! Every time you see it you’ll be reminded of the way you felt when you walked down the aisle in it.

There are plenty of ways to remind you every day of the magic of your wedding. The key is to recycle important items like your dress or bouquet. No matter what, your wedding photos will always bring you back to that day, but having a keepsake around the house to remind you will make it even more special!

What are the most special memories from your wedding?

Wedding Programs – Five Ways To Spice Them Up

 Often times at a wedding, the guests end up waiting a little while before all the excitement and romance begins. Of course everyone is really excited to see you and your hubby’s big day, but the down time in between their arrival and the precession can be brutal. So how can you entertain your guests and keep them comfortable while you get ready to walk down the aisle? The easiest way: use your program!

One way to keep your guests occupied is to fill your program with tips and facts about the wedding and the wedding party. Tell them how you and your fiancé met, maybe add in how the bridal party knows the bride and groom, throw in some trivia facts or easy games while they anticipate your arrival. (Don’t forget to provide pencils if you do this!) Not only will this intrigue your guests, but it will also help them follow along during the actual ceremony.

Speaking of games, why not make your program one? The most obvious of choices is a paper fortuneteller, but there are several other ways a paper can be folded to entertain guests. Maybe just fold the program to look like your favorite origami shape, everyone will love the look of it and talking about it will keep them busy until it’s time for the ceremony to start.

For outside weddings, turn your program into a fan to cool off your guests. Especially if your wedding is in June or July, they’ll be extremely grateful for the nice breeze during the wait. The program then also serves as a keepsake from your wedding, and if you add in an explanation of the wedding party they’ll never forget who was up there with you on your big day!

If you prefer to take a more serious route to your program, change up the format to make it look more elegant. Instead of a tri-fold pattern, roll your program up into a scroll or bind it to look like a small book. All of the information necessary can be transformed into a more elegant look to really tie together the ambiance of your wedding.


 Image: Renee Sprink Photography via Style Me Pretty

 To save on paper (and probably money), think about creating one big program instead of individual ones. Chalkboard is the easiest medium to use but a big printed poster or painted wooden sign would work as well! Not only will you be helping the environment and reducing the cleanup of the ceremony space, but your guests will love the way it looks and reading it will give you just enough time to get ready.

 Image: Ned Jackson Photography via Whim

Whatever you choose for your program, try to make it a little more entertaining than a church bulletin. There are hundreds of possibilities to make your wedding program practical and informative. Even though this day is all about you and your spouse-to-be, your guests should have fun too!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding: Three Ways to Incorporate Greek Life Into Your Wedding

If you were in a sorority in college, you most likely have a ton of close friends that you can’t imagine your life without. They’ve been there for you through everything and whether they know your future husband or not, you most likely feel pressured to include every one of them in your wedding. You love all 160 of them, but how do you choose which ones will stand up at the altar with you on your big day? Fear not, for there are a couple of different ways you can honor your sisters without having a gigantic bridal party.

Every bride needs “something borrowed” so why not borrow your sisters’ pins? There are several ways you could utilize this concept. Borrow every sister present’s pins and attach them to your bouquet, or maybe just borrow your bridesmaid’s pins. You could also just borrow your MOH’s pin and attach it to the inside of your dress over your heart. Just remember to give them all back after the wedding!

If you’re marrying a fellow Greek (and even if you’re not), you could use lavalieres to represent your organization. Attach the lavalieres to your bouquet, or maybe even incorporate them into your centerpieces. They’ll be subtle enough to not make all other guests feel excluded, but will still honor the bond you share with your sisters (and hubby).

One of the easiest ways to recognize your sisters, and possibly your fiancé’s brothers, is to have boutonniere’s made out of your organization’s flower for each member. This way, the flower on their lapel will signify each Greek brother or sister and you’re saved from hurting any feelings or having a large bridal party.

Whether you’re a Greek or not, picking your bridal party is always hard to do without leaving anybody out. Give your brothers and sisters their recognition through other details in your wedding and reception. Everybody will be happy, and it will add even more of a personal touch to your wedding.