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Boston Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Katie Noble Photography

This month our wedding vendor spotlight is Katie Noble Photography!

Why Whim Loves Katie:

Katie brings such a great positive energy into the room and always has a huge smile on her face! We think it’s so important to have a wedding photographer who gets to know her clients as well as bringing their personalities to life in photos. We love working with Katie + our clients love her just as much as we do!

How did you get into the Wedding Industry?

I began my career in New York City working as an associate photo editor for Travel + Leisure magazine. I then moved to Boston to become the photo editor for the Improper Bostonian magazine. As a photo editor, I hired photographers and organized photo shoots. This included developing the look and feel for a story, logistics and brining together the creative team.

I’ve always had a need to create (it runs in the family)—shooting stories for magazines, photographing friends, painting here and there. And after working for so many years hiring photographers, I felt that I had to give that feeling of being an artist more attention. I created a business plan for my photography and created monthly goals for myself. I was able to leave my “day job” once I had enough work to support my financial needs. I became a full-time photographer about 3 years ago.

I strongly believe that all of the different aspects that go into organizing a photo shoot, from helping people feel comfortable in front of the camera to managing a budget, have helped me to become a stronger shooter. It was also helpful to spend about a decade looking at hundreds of images everyday!


What is your business philosophy? 

I believe in creating artistic, meaningful images that capture beauty or the intangible. These are made in an environment where my clients can shine and feel at ease in front of the camera or, better yet, forget that I’m even there!

What is your favorite thing about being in the wedding business?

With different types of photography, besides wedding imagery, a big part of a photographer’s role is to create a narrative to bring out emotions in a subject. Or as in the case of street photography, seem normal (not creepy) to get a portrait photo of a stranger. But during a wedding day, I never have to ask for permission! I’m not only allowed to capture those things with my lens but it’s my job. And the most beautiful part is that just about every human emotion is on display—the joy of a toddler, the pride on a father’s face, tears from the groom, sadness remembering a loved one… It’s really a gift to be able to document it all.


What type of client do you love working with?

I love working with anyone! It’s really hard to get your photo taken so I understand the worry about stress that can lead up to a photo shoot. The clients that make my job easier are the ones that don’t worry too much about what might “look good.” Because the more relaxed and free you feel, then the natural reactions and the “real stuff” can happen. I like to focus of having a good time, get moving (say take a walk) and from there it just kinda happens.


What is your best advice for a couple when it comes to choosing vendors 

I always tell my friends when they ask about wedding photography three things.

1- Can you see yourself in the type of images that your photographer makes? Does the photographer’s style really make sense with your gut? Do you like their sense of posing, candids, etc.? Because chances are, there will be similar things repeated on your wedding day.

2- Do you like their personality? A couple spends quite a bit of time with their wedding photographer and you want to mesh well. I can’t imagine anything worse than being around a vendor who just grates on your nerves.

3- Ask to see a full gallery from a wedding that maybe similar to yours. It doesn’t have to be in the same venue but something similar. That way you can see what the entire wedding coverage looks like, rather than just the cream of the crop imagery.

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Get in touch with Katie below:


PH: 802-734-7100



Take a peak at some of Katie’s recent work below!

photocrati gallery


Boston Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Paper Moss

This month our vendor spotlight blog is Paper Moss! We know you’ll love them just as much as we do 🙂

Why Whim loves Paper Moss!

Our clients are NEVER disappointed when we hire the ladies of Paper Moss for gorgeous wedding stationary. Paper Moss has an excellent process, which engages the couple from the early stages, all throughout the design process.  Their work is incredible and ranges in all different styles.  We feel it’s so important to enjoy every moment of planning your wedding, and Paper Moss does an amazing job in bringing your vision to life.

How was your Paper Moss started?

Started from Emily’s home in Rhode Island 8 years ago, Paper Moss has grown into an award-winning design studio that specializes in custom letterpress invitations and caters to all types of stationery for weddings & beyond. We are a boutique-style company that takes a certain amount of custom clients per year in order to continue to provide exceptional customer service, attention & product. Our team is here to guide our couples through the stationery process from start to finish, designing paper products that set the tone for their special day. Most recently Paper Moss has launched a stylish line of ready to order save the dates and invitations called “The Collection”.


What is your business philosophy?

We aim to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for our couples – something that brings them together and helps set the tone for their wedding. We continually strive to stay 3 steps ahead, all while developing innovative and flawless products.


What is your company’s favorite thing about being in the wedding business?

We love weddings and the institution of marriage – call us all hopeless romantics. 🙂 In addition to that there is a lot of fun in branding a couple for the first time and getting their friends and family excited about the biggest day in their lives. Weddings bring people together and deserve a stylish celebration to be remembered!


What type of client do you love working with?

Paper Moss loves working with all kind of clients! We can’t choose our favorite. However, a client who desires truly custom stationery makes us giddy. We love creatively solving problems and creating stationery that is truly unique to the couple and their outlook on their wedding. We absolutely love when our clients enjoy themselves with the paper process. We get to see more of who they are as a bride or as a couple, and can use that within the design process to create unique and special stationery.


What is your best advice for a couple when it comes to choosing vendors?

Nothing is more important that finding an experienced vendor who you connect with! We think this is crucial in helping make your wedding planning experience and wedding day what it should be, something to celebrate with joy. Have fun, laugh!

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Reach out to Paper Moss below 🙂

{tel} 1.857.265.2091


Take a peak at their latest work!

This is a sample of Paper Moss’s new ready to order line:

photocrati gallery

Below is a sample of their custom design:

photocrati gallery



Whim’s Vendor Spotlight: Hartford Prints!
wedding paper
Any company that has an exclamation point in their name automatically gets our vote for being awesome. But seriously,  the talented sisters of Hartford Prints! are just that – full of life, love and a whole lot of energy and creativity. We have the pleasure of working with them to create beautiful and custom letterpress invitations for our wedding clients & photo shoots. Their creativity is beyond belief, their design work is impeccable, their love for local is apparent and quite frankly, their personal style is like walking into an Anthropology catalogue. If you are looking for a dynamic team to create magic in your paper, the ladies of Hartford Prints! are your go to gals.


When did you start Hartford Prints! & how did you get into the paper business? 

Hartford Prints! is a Connecticut letterpress shop and studio, run by us Gale sisters, Addy, Callie, and Rory. Founded in 2009 with the help of a grant from the City of Hartford, Addy opened our studio as a non-profit educational space, employing local high school students as printmaking apprentices. When the terms of the grant expired in 2012, we decided to combine our creative forces and we launched Hartford Prints! as a custom stationery company. Since then, we have opened a retail location in downtown Hartford and brought on our “youngest sister” Kait Lennon, who mans our press with a lot of expertise and a lot of love.


What is your business philosophy?

At Hartford Prints!, we strive to create paper that is modern, fun, offbeat, and unique. Our process is more personal than ordering invitations from a stationer or online because we are a letterpress company and everything we design is custom. Letterpress is an old-fashioned form of relief printing all done by hand, so our work is truly a labor of love. We also work closely with our clients to understand their styles, the look and feel of the wedding or event, and what makes them unique as a couple. We listen to “how we met” stories, look at old pictures, build a Pinterest board (of course!), and then create an invitation suite that speaks to all of those things! The result is a timeless, one-of-a-kind piece that they hopefully treasure.


What is your favorite thing about being in the letterpress biz?

Our favorite thing about being in the letterpress business is the response our clients and customers have when interacting with our product and technique. The weight of the paper, the texture of the embossment, the variations of color, and the physical printing process all conjure up romantic and nostalgic feelings in this digital age. Letterpress stationery communicates a thoughtful, purposeful approach to the recipient, which is exactly how we approach our business! We also love how collaborative our industry can be, from working with other printers, to local artists, to like-minded business owners, we are constantly in awe by the people we get to work and collaborate with!


What type of client do you love working with?

We love all of our clients! Some are really talented artists themselves and are heavily involved in the process from start to finish, while others just really appreciate good design and want to sit back and let us do our thing! Regardless of styles, tastes, and backgrounds, our clients all share a love of letterpress and a passion for supporting small businesses, which makes our job pretty easy. We always strive to be flexible, respectful, and dedicated, and love it when clients share those qualities too.


What is your best advice for a couple when it comes to wedding paper?

Our advice to anyone starting the wedding paper process is to shop around! There are so many options out there for different tastes and budgets, from letterpress to offset printing, from ordering online to ordering custom, from a simple invitation to a multi-piece suite. Know what you are looking for, know what you’re willing to spend, and then go out and search for what works best for you. Because when you find the perfect stationer, it really is a match made in paper heaven!

Recent Hartford Prints! features:

How to contact Hartford Prints!

Email us at

Call us at (860) 578-8447

Or stop by our shop! 42 1/2 Pratt Street, Hartford CT 06103.

**Photo credit from top down: Carla Ten Eyck, Deborah Zoe Photography, Carla Ten Eyck, Eric Foley Photography


Whim’s Vendor Spotlight: Brighter Lights Media

Eric + Rachel // a Wedding Feature from Brighter Lights Media on Vimeo.


By now, you’ve watched the video above and know why today’s spotlight is who it is. The first time we met the Brighter Lights Media team, they were interviewing us for a photo shoot / film we were making last spring. We loved them! They were super funny and bright dudes.  And then, when we saw the video they made from that interview, well we about fell over in our desk chairs. Not only were these guys funny and bright, but WAY talented! They actually made us cry! (in the best way). If you want every awesome, heartwarming & hilarious detail of your wedding captured on film, BLM is your crew. Find out how they got their start (completely by accident!) and check out their sweet tips for hiring the right videography team.
When did you start in the business & how did you get into wedding videography?
We got started in September of 2011 completely by accident. Chris and I had recently left our jobs in the corporate video world when we decided to try and start our own production company. A friend of a friend had overheard us talking about this, and she had a wedding coming up (in 2 weeks!) and asked us to film it. We jumped on it, she loved what we created, and has been spreading our name around ever since!


What is your philosophy?
Our philosophy is completely centered around getting to know our clients. A wedding has so many moving parts and so many unique personal elements weaved into one day, we spend so much time when it comes to planning, storytelling, and personalizing our work to produce a truly custom one of a kind film.


What is your favorite thing about being a wedding videographer?
Being able to stir up an emotional reaction while watching our films. A typical job you sort of just do your work, you go home at the end of the day, rinse and repeat, so I think it’s pretty incredible to be able to create a product for someone, and then see and hear from them just how much they love and appreciate what we’ve done. It’s very rewarding, we’re so lucky and fortunate to have that opportunity.


What type of client do you love working with?
There are a few traits that the majority of our clientele have that we tend to look for when interviewing couples. For starters, they get excited when talking about their fiancé and love to repeat their story of how they met. We like to see people who are truly in love and are more into the idea of marriage than just throwing an awesome party. A lot of our couples also have been together for between 5-10 years. We also enjoy working with people who have a sense of curiosity and have an adventurous side to their personality.


What is your best advice for a couple when it comes to wedding videography?
Every website you visit you will surely see some short 3-5 minute highlight clips of that videographer’s recent work. It’s very easy to make 5 minutes look amazing from an entire day’s worth of footage, so my recommendation would be to ask to see a recent feature or finished final product to make sure that the quality is sustained and consistent with what you saw in the shorter films.


A recent highlight film
Our preferred contact method:
2014 is already completely booked for us, but for 2015 there’s no such thing as too early!


Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Kristin Chalmers Photography
We’re introducing our first ever Whim Vendor Spotlight…and our first guest of honor is one of Boston’s best, most artful wedding photographers. Wedding photographer Kristin Chalmers is the SHIIZZZZ and we know it. And we figured, so should you. Check out our latest interview with Kristin. From her years as an LA film producer to how she’s got your back by using a safe word if you’re overwhelmed on the big day, this lady is inspiring, artful & full of great photography tips.


When did you start in the business & how did you get into wedding photography?
I went to Emerson College and studied film. I was able to take photography classes there, learning the basics of film and the darkroom. I started shooting seriously when I was living in Los Angeles working as a TV producer.  When my shows went dark, I would rent tons of gear and teach myself everything about film, photography and even a little bit of lighting.  Shooting in LA is easy because there are hundreds of beautiful people and all of them want their photos taken. I was lucky enough to break into a little editorial work, as well as shooting a bunch of album covers for an international record label based in San Francisco.  After my husband and I had our first child, we decided it was time to leave Los Angeles and head back east, where we are both from. I started photographing families and food. While I loved it, I needed something more. My husband was turning 40 and I really wanted to do something HUGE for his birthday.  I was never going to be able to pull off what I wanted for him solely on my family photography income. I had many people tell me I should do weddings, but I was really scared to do it.  Wedding photography was not something I thought I could do well, but when my friend insisted I shoot his wedding, I gave in and gave it a shot (so to speak). I had the absolute best time and I was able to capture their day the way I wanted to.  I wanted to keep it light and fun and definitely not traditional.  I thought to myself, I love this and if I could just book two weddings this year, I would be able to surprise my husband with an amazing party and maybe a small trip away somewhere.  Well, that year I booked 15 weddings and I have never looked back. Not only was I able to throw a surprise party for him but I took him to Mexico too. But the best part was I found a niche market in wedding photography. I love my job and adore my clients.


What is your favorite thing about being a wedding photographer?
What’s not to love about a wedding photographer!  I love spending time with my couples really getting to know them. I find that it’s super important that they feel comfortable with me no matter what. I think being a TV producer for 8 years really helps me to think on my toes and put fires out without panicking.  Weddings are full of unpredictable moments, chaos, emotion and many different personalities, and I thrive on being able to help my couples navigate through all of that. I tell my couples that they are priority number one and it’s my job to protect them at all costs from anything that may stress them out.  I have safe words with some of my couples, so if things arise that they don’t want to handle, they can say the safe word and I swoop in and take over.  I love working with great vendors. I get a thrill in knowing that I’m helping my couples document their history as it unfolds on their big day. I believe weddings can really bring out the best in people. What an honor it is to witness that with my camera and bring it to fruition through a visual medium!


What type of client do you love working with?
I live for the clients that really let me IN!  I love when they are not afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeve because that makes for amazing images. My couples know that when comes down to it, it’s about a marriage and the wedding is just a big fun party. Couple that don’t take themselves too seriously are the best.


What is your best advice for a couple when it comes to wedding photography?
The phrase “You get what you paid for” rings true when it comes to many things on your wedding day, especially photography. Anyone can buy a $5000 DSLR camera and call themselves a photographer. But that doesn’t mean they are. I can’t tell you how many people I know say they wished they would have made more of an investment in their photography, instead of things like expensive favors that nobody keeps. Other tips:


    • Make sure your photographer shows you  they can shoot a wedding from beginning to end. Websites only showcase a fraction of what is shot on a wedding day. Ask to see albums, or better yet ask them if you can have access to a couple galleries of weddings they have shot.
    • Make sure your photographer is insured, has back up equipment and knows how handle all types of lighting situations.
    • Seriously consider getting an album made of your images and print your photos too!  I wrote this blog post about all of this when one of my grooms passed away suddenly. I went to the memorial service armed with a box of prints from their wedding. When I handed the box over to his wife, she told me that she had her digital files from me for over six months but had yet to print a single one of them. My heart broke for her. It really explains what I do and what is important to me as a wedding photographer.


I think the most important thing besides the above, is that you really like your wedding photographer. I tell my clients, “Can you imagine me at the birth of your baby? How about a funeral of a loved one?” If the answer is yes, then I’m your girl.  Because other than having a baby, your wedding day is the most vulnerable time of your life and you need to feel safe with your photographer. Remember, you only get to take three things away from your wedding day: Your dress, the photographs and each other. Don’t you think that is worth the investment?  I know I do.

Check out more of Kristin’s published work:
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How to contact Kristin: