5 Underdog Flowers You Should Get to Know

Get to know these 5 hidden gems, each with their own personality and style. Show them some love and let them help brighten up your day!

1) The Toad Lily- These delightful beauties are the underdogs of the lily family. They might not have the most gorgeous name but one look at them and they will make you a believer! And toads are kind of cute if you ask me.

Colors: Pink, Purple, White, Red

Season: Early Fall


2) The Passion Flower aka: Maypop- If you live in the Southeast United States these show-stopping flowers might not be considered an underdog to you but here in the Northeast they still have plenty of spotlight potential. They grow on a vine and there is no other flower like the Passion Flower. I know you are probably curious as to why the Passion flower is also know as the name “Maypop”. Well, believe it or not it is because they tend to pop up in the month of May. Clever, I know. Also, if you were wondering if it is associated with Passion Fruit well by golly gosh, your right! Beautiful and then delicious! Take the stage Passion Flower, front and center, baby.

Colors: Pink, Blue, Purple

Season: Early Spring to Mid Fall


3) Gloriosa- Their name “Gloriosa” is derived from the word gloriosus, which means handsome and that is exactly what I would call these flame-looking flowers, handsome fellas. I beg of you, look up pictures of this flower used in bouquets. You won’t be sorry.

Colors: Red to Bright Yellow

Season: March to November


4) Snake‘s Head- This amazing bell-shaped flower is an underdog due to its extremely unique checkered coloring making them resemble, you got it, a snake’s skin. Though in my personal opinion, they remind me of checkered Vans and maybe thats why I (or my inner high-school self) totally dig them. Regardless, both reasonings are good for me.

Colors: Pink/Purple and White Checkered

Season: Late Winter to Mid Spring


5) Beehive (or any) Ginger– You read correctly, it says Ginger. In my opinion I don’t think that people take enough advantage of this root. Ginger comes in many different beautiful forms but Beehive just so happens to be my favorite. It’s warm colors and wax-looking texture makes any arrangement or bouquet an instant conversation piece.

Colors: Yellowish-Green to Bright Red

Season: July through November


Watch out for these underdogs and help their cause! They’re all too gorgeous and underrated to remain in the shadows of mums and roses (though mums and roses are a loved favorite to all). Start the trend, take the plunge, pick a flower you normally wouldn’t dare to. I promise you won’t regret it!

Their fellow underdog,