June 18, 2013

7 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Wedding Venue!

062114-368You?re engaged, now what? One of the most important things is finding the perfect venue to fill your memories with.? Here are a few important steps to keep in mind when choosing your venue:

Make a Checklist:?Before you select a venue, make a list of what you are looking for from the venue itself. Consider your budget, guest count, venue layouts and aesthetics. This checklist will help you weed out certain venues prior to scheduling site visits and simplify your visit.

Keep guests in mind:?In order to ensure your big day is perfect, it?s important to take the extra step to make all guests comfortable.? By mapping out the distance from parking to the venue itself, the accessibility of handicap ramps, and the amount of stairs there are, will help you determine if that venue is right for you.

Permits, Permits, Permits:?If you are interested in having an outdoor wedding at a beach or at a park, be sure to remember that permits are required and strictly enforced.? These permits are able to be obtained from the town or city counsel.? In most cities you can apply online, but be sure to take the processing time into consideration. ?The permit could take up to 60 days to be received!? Be sure to plan ahead.

Get to know the site staff- When you are picking your venue, it?s important to pay close attention to the staff and the way they operate the venue itself.? You will develop a close relationship with the venue coordinators and staff ?leading up to your big day. ?Determine what type of relationship you want to have during the planning process and if you get a good vibe from their staff. ?This will make the decision process much easier.

Privacy-If you are interested in a wedding on a beach or at a local park, keep in mind that those locations are public. ?One thing to consider in a public space is that there may be bystanders on looking your ceremony. Also, they may not be quiet.? If you decide that you?d still prefer an outdoor wedding, an option is to hold the wedding at a location that is more private. ?Places like golf courses & country clubs, private residences, farms, barns and vineyards are options that are relatively quiet and secluded. ?After all, a private space may weed out any unexpected photo bombs! ?;)

Ensure the venue reflects you and your fiance.?When you visit venues, be sure to think about how the place makes you feel when you arrive. Do you love being there? Is it somewhere you and your fiance would visit? Think about your own interests – are you a skier? Maybe a mountain venue speaks to you. Are you a city gal? Maybe a modern city loft is calling your name. Either way, be sure it is a place that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. 😉

Ask Questions.?Once you choose your venue, be sure to look over the contract details carefully. Check out the?15 Questions Every Bride Should Ask Her Wedding Venue?before signing the dotted line!

What other advice can you offer to new brides looking for a venue?

Photo by: Katie Noble Photo