Alternatives to the Wedding Cake: Whimsical Wedding Desserts

This may be one of my favorite blogs to write. Who doesn?t dream about desserts in their spare time? I certainly do. Over the years, traditional wedding cake, although beautiful and mighty tasty, has certainly become a little pricey…causing couples to look for new alternatives. The goal: a dessert display to amaze their guests and satisfy their tummies. Last year, cupcakes were the ?it? factor (with good reason!). ?They’re cute, delicious, and unique. Then came candy bars ?- with all different types of treats in an adorable and fun display.

All in all, couples are?making desserts a key feature in their day, and we couldn’t love this more! In fact, we’re pretty sure you should eat dessert first! ?Our favorites:

  • Cake pops in decadent flavors
  • Sweet and savory flavors of popcorn
  • Shaved ice, funnel cake, macaroons and whoopie pies
  • ?Gourmet Smores Bar
  • Warm pies in glass mason jars (no need for a knife, just grab a spoon and dig in!). Seriously who wouldn?t love jars of blueberry, rhubarb, or strawberry pie with colorful plaid clothe lid and a rope string to tie it all together??
  • And my personal favorite?. mini melt in your mouth, right out of the oven, chocolate chip cookies with a shot of milk to wash it all down – the world’s most loved and traditional dessert with a not so traditional twist.

One of our brides decided to melt the traditional with not-so-traditional for her dessert bar.. Instead of one grand and beautiful wedding cake, she decided to have a table of adorable mini wedding cakes with an assortment of melt in your mouth flavors. Sounds like my kind of wedding! Not only can your guest have an extra large slice of red velvet cake, they can also have chocolate, vanilla, and lemon if they wish!!!

When it comes to desserts, the world is your oyster…or doughnut? Just remember, if you need a taste tester, the Whim crew can certainly be of assistance!



What’s your favorite wedding dessert?