June 25, 2012

Ask Jenny: How to Make Your Bridal Suite More Relaxing

Dear Jenny,

My best friend?s wedding day was super high stress. I?m getting married next month and I need my day to be much more relaxing. Any tips?!

A: ?First and foremost, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! ?I know a wedding can be an?emotional day, but it?shouldn’t?be stressful. Staying relaxed starts from the moment your wedding day begins?in your bridal suite. If you?re relaxed while getting ready, the rest of the day will be easy breezy. Here?s how to make your bridal suite stress free:


  • ?Make sure you have more than one room for you and your bridal party: We know you want your family and friends close by, but if everyone is in close quarters the environment will get stuffy fast. (See Tip 2!) Get ready with your closest friends or family in one room and your other besties across the hall.
  • Ask someone to keep everything and everyone organized: It?s amazing how fast a bridal suite gets cluttered: food, drinks, bouquets, makeup, hair spray, bridesmaid dresses, and of course, the wedding dress. Ahhh!! An event planner or even a good friend can help. Create stations to make sure the room is clean and organized.
  • FOOD! WATER! FOOD! A famished bride and bridal party is never good.? Be sure to ask your event planner or a bridesmaid to bring food into the suite. This is also a great job for the mother of the bride. Pre-order lunch, and include easy grab n? go snacks like fruit, granola bars and water bottles.
  • Give up some control. You are not the problem solver today:??Today is your day. And even though?you’ve?spent an entire year planning it, it?s not your day to be anyone?s point of contact/problem solver. Be sure to direct your vendors to your event coordinator or venue contact. Or, fill in a friend who can be the ?point of contact? so you can enjoy some?worry-less?pampering?without being attached to your iphone!
  • Start the Celebration early:?It?s your wedding day ? have fun! Start the celebration early with a mimosa or champagne. Turn on your favorite music for an impromptu dance party. ?Kindof like the college days, when getting ready to go out was fun!

And the most important thing of all? ?Even though a wedding involves a lot of “to dos”, remember why you?re putting on that white gown in the first place. You?ve finally found the one person in your life that truly makes you the happiest girl the world. I believe that serves for celebration, not stress. Cheers!

xoxo, Jenny

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