January 2, 2021

Whim Awarded Best Wedding Planners in America by BRIDES

We are truly honored to be named Best Wedding Planners in America by BRIDES. We cannot think of a better way to end the year 2020. We are so thankful to work in an industry that has persevered through devastation to celebrate love.

We are forever appreciative of our talented team of #whimen, the creative vendors we are privileged to work alongside, and our clients for trusting us fully. And, we want to send a big thank you to the editors and team at BRIDES for including us on this list, alongside so many insanely talented industry professionals.

See the full article here, and read on for some fun FAQs about Whim, why we love weddings and our biggest learnings from 2020. 🙂

Brides Best wedding planners in USA list 2020

Best Wedding Planners in America! Do you plan events and weddings outside of New England?

Yes, we travel. While based in Boston, our weddings and celebrations have taken place all over the world including Boston, New England, New York City, Rhode Island, Hudson Valley, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, the Carolinas and destination.

We love to travel and dive in to learn the ins and outs of new cultures and cities, their international hospitality customs and native plants or cuisine to create an immersive guest experience anywhere! If we are planning in a place that is new to us, we are fortunate to have wonderful industry colleagues throughout the world who we often connect with for their top recommendations.

Tent wedding reception in the Berkshires at The Mount

Is there a place where you would like to plan an event, but have not had the chance to yet?

Oooh so many! We would love to plan a wedding at The Montage Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina. Natalie’s sister and mother both live in Hilton Head, so we know the area well and her sister just happens to be an amazing makeup artist there! Nat would love to work with an East Coast couple to host their guests there, as the Montage is brimming with timeless Southern charm.

We are also dying to plan a wedding in Lake Como, Italy, as well as a celebration in London (where Moira’s sister lives) perhaps a movie premier or gallery opening.

We work in wedding planning because…

It’s not building a stunning tablescape or an Instagram worthy moment that inspires us to work in weddings. It’s the feeling we get when our couples and their loved ones feel when they take their seat at the table, at a venue we’ve built from the ground up. It’s the stories that people share as they come together. It is the deep relationships we build with couples to create such an important day in their lives. But mostly, we work in weddings because we adore seeing our couples completely lost in the moment, surrounded by their loved ones, a feeling they will treasure forever.

Boston wedding ceremony

One project we are most proud of:

This past September, two of our clients allowed us to completely surprise them with small celebrations!

One of our couples allowed us to surprise them with every detail of their 12-person minimony. After postponing their 180-guest wedding celebration, the couple decided that they wanted to have a small ceremony on their original date in the backyard of their new home. Already faced with the difficult decision of postponing, we thought they deserved the freedom to focus on what mattered most – their love and marriage. So we asked if they would allow us to completely surprise them with every detail of their minimony, and they enthusiastically agreed. We produced this small event in just about 3 weeks and the couple was over the moon.

The experience for the couple was so amazing that we asked another client if they’d be interested in the same type of surprise event. This time, it was a client of ours who had postponed her 21st birthday party. This client gave us the go to surprise her with a small dinner and all the details for 12 of her best friends in just two weeks! It was a blast!

Both of these events were planned, designed and produced in just a few weeks time, in large part because of the trust of our clients, our team and the relationships we have with some of the most talented vendors in the industry. It was a defining moment for us because we were able to transform their visions so quickly and turn something sad (postponing!) into something so meaningful and celebratory at the drop of a hat!

21st birthday planner

What did you learn about weddings in 2020?

The biggest things we’ve learned in 2020 are acceptance and flexibility. Acceptance that celebrations will be different this year. Grasping this has allowed our minds to be completely open to thinking creatively around celebrations instead of getting stuck in a “how things used to be” mentality.

Some of our most creative ideas have arrived because we were forced to go against the norm this year. What happens when you can’t have a dance floor? Instead, you create a concert vibe with musicians on stage and socially distanced lounge seating. Or you ask your band to record a live performance to stream for the first dance! This has created something more magical than we have ever expected – and our couples and their guests have loved and welcomed these new ideas.

We’ve learned when you stay focused on the purpose and the “why” (most often connection), it actually becomes really fun to navigate the new “how.”

Cheers to an exciting year ahead!


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