Boston Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Katie Noble Photography

This month our wedding vendor spotlight is Katie Noble Photography!

Why Whim Loves Katie:

Katie brings such a great positive energy into the room and always has a huge smile on her face! We think it’s so important to have a wedding photographer who gets to know her clients as well as bringing their personalities to life in photos. We love working with Katie + our clients love her just as much as we do!

How did you get into the Wedding Industry?

I began my career in New York City working as an associate photo editor for Travel + Leisure magazine. I then moved to Boston to become the photo editor for the Improper Bostonian magazine. As a photo editor, I hired photographers and organized photo shoots. This included developing the look and feel for a story, logistics and brining together the creative team.

I’ve always had a need to create (it runs in the family) shooting stories for magazines, photographing friends, painting here and there. And after working for so many years hiring photographers, I felt that I had to give that feeling of being an artist more attention. I created a business plan for my photography and created monthly goals for myself. I was able to leave my “day job” once I had enough work to support my financial needs. I became a full-time photographer about 3 years ago.

I strongly believe that all of the different aspects that go into organizing a photo shoot, from helping people feel comfortable in front of the camera to managing a budget, have helped me to become a stronger shooter. It was also helpful to spend about a decade looking at hundreds of images everyday!


What is your business philosophy?

I believe in creating artistic, meaningful images that capture beauty or the intangible. These are made in an environment where my clients can shine and feel at ease in front of the camera or, better yet, forget that I’m even there!

What is your favorite thing about being in the wedding business?

With different types of photography, besides wedding imagery, a big part of a photographer’s role is to create a narrative to bring out emotions in a subject. Or as in the case of street photography, seem normal (not creepy) to get a portrait photo of a stranger. But during a wedding day, I never have to ask for permission! I’m not only allowed to capture those things with my lens but it’s my job. And the most beautiful part is that just about every human emotion is on display – the joy of a toddler, the pride on a father’s face, tears from the groom, sadness remembering a loved one. It’s really a gift to be able to document it all.


What type of client do you love working with?

I love working with anyone! It’s really hard to get your photo taken so I understand the worry about stress that can lead up to a photo shoot. The clients that make my job easier are the ones that don’t worry too much about what might “look good.” Because the more relaxed and free you feel, then the natural reactions and the “real stuff” can happen. I like to focus of having a good time, get moving (say take a walk) and from there it just kinda happens.


What is your best advice for a couple when it comes to choosing vendors?

I always tell my friends when they ask about wedding photography three things.

1- Can you see yourself in the type of images that your photographer makes? Does the photographer’s style really make sense with your gut? Do you like their sense of posing, candids, etc.? Because chances are, there will be similar things repeated on your wedding day.

2- Do you like their personality? A couple spends quite a bit of time with their wedding photographer and you want to mesh well. I can’t imagine anything worse than being around a vendor who just grates on your nerves.

3- Ask to see a full gallery from a wedding that maybe similar to yours. It doesn’t have to be in the same venue but something similar. That way you can see what the entire wedding coverage looks like, rather than just the cream of the crop imagery.

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