March 9, 2016

Why Choosing Wedding Flowers Should Never be Stressful

boston wedding flowers

We don’t believe in making you choose your wedding flowers from a book. Most of our clients would have no idea where to begin! After 10 years in the floral industry, Moira found that getting to know couples personally is the best way to design their perfect wedding floral concept. Which is how she came up with her unique philosophy: take couples to the Boston Flower Exchange and show them the beautiful variety Mother Nature has to offer! A market visit is an awesome way to hone in on couples’ unique tastes. Plus it’s a blast for moms or bridesmaids, too. Here’s a bit from Moira about why a market visit with her can make a major difference in your wedding design:

Make a Connection. A market visit allows me a second opportunity to connect with the couple and really learn who they are, their individual style and what they love.

Open Your Mind. Magazines or Pinterest only show a fraction of available flowers. Unless you have an uncommon interest in flowers, most couples have no idea what flowers are in season. A market visit allows you to see everything available in season and develop a new appreciation for flowers. Many brides are blown away by what they see. You’ll find textures and flowers you never knew existed. Think pineapples, fiddle heads or pomegranates!

Capture Your Spirit. By hand selecting your favorite flowers – from classic to unique – your wedding flowers will completely capture your spirit. Custom tailored to you. No other wedding will look quite like it.

Collaborate. Our trip to the market becomes a collaboration between you and I. You get a say in your flowers. And if a flower you love is too expensive for every centerpiece, I am happy to sneak a few into some show stopping places- your bouquet or the photographer’s favorite spots.

Prepare for the Unexpected. Because Mother Nature loves to change, it’s possible a bad week for flowers can happen. A few years ago, a volcano erupted in Iceland and temporarily suspended the delivery of flowers to the US. I almost did not get the flowers I ordered. By going to the market and learning your individual taste, I feel confident that if mother nature doesn’t cooperate, I can pick a second choice you’ll equally adore.

Personally, I love going to the market. I try to lose myself in the flowers and want them to reflect the couple. By going to the market, I have a fantastic understanding of what the couple really likes. I feel excited and inspired to create their dream, because I see it clearly! Plus, going to the market with couples takes me out of my comfort zone and helps me see flowers with new eyes. I look for the beauty the client sees. I now have favorite flowers that I didn’t even like 5 years ago. Because of that, I am constantly growing, changing, and developing as a designer. My clients help me become much more open minded and keep me on my toes: challenged and inspired. -M

Of course, not every couple lives in Boston, so a Pinterest page will do just fine for Moira if a visit cannot happen. But if you have the opportunity to do it, we guarantee you’ll feel alive, inspired and confident in the beauty of your big day.

Flower Market Visits are included in Signature Seasonal + Custom Packages and can be added to any Classic Package.

Photo: Alexandra Roberts Photography