Four Ideas for Unique Wedding Ceremony Seating

One of the easiest ways to bring a unique feel to your wedding ceremony is to think out of the box with the seating arrangement. When planning a wedding ceremony, most brides concern themselves with the aisle and bouquets yet they forget that the chairs don?t have to be organized in straight lines facing the altar. Save your guests from straining their necks and let them see your gorgeous ceremony with an unusual seating arrangement.

Changing the chair design of your ceremony can be both convenient and a big topic of discussion for your guests. Having a circle or even spiral chair arrangement will not only allow for every guest to see and hear everything throughout your ceremony, but it will also be aesthetically pleasing to everyone at the wedding, including yourself.

Another method of switching up your seating is to use different mediums for your guests to sit on. Rather than a couple hundred fold-up chairs, find something that has a meaning to you and your spouse-to-be. If your wedding is barn themed, maybe rows of hay bails are the way to go. Having a rustic wedding? Fasten a few cushions to a large log and really give your wedding that outdoorsy feel.

For most couples, the view has a lot to do with why they choose one venue over another. Accentuate that view by lining up your seating to show your guests why they travelled so many miles to be at this specific location. Depending on what time of day your wedding is, you may also be able to exchange vows behind a backdrop of a beautiful sunset. Just make sure you?re not blinding your guests through the whole ceremony!

There are hundreds of ways that the seating in your wedding can be placed to increase convenience and elegance. Play around with your options; do a little more research. It?s a practically free way to make your wedding more unique, and your guests? necks will thank you for it later!