Six Ways to Keep Children Smiling at Your Wedding!

When planning for your big day, it?s important to keep all of your guests in mind, especially the little ones. ?Here are some of our favorite ways to ensure a tantrum free wedding!

  • Include Info on Your Invite:?Setting standards for the kiddos starts with the invitation. Whether you are having a kid-friendly wedding or an adult-only reception, be sure to provide that information on your invitation or website. Also include information if you plan to have a babysitter at the wedding. That way, parents know without having to ask.
  • Hire?Babysitters: Weddings can last anywhere from 5-7 hours, not including travel time and getting ready.??Even though you and your guests may want your little ones to join in on the fun, we recommend hiring babysitters to keep the children entertained. The babysitter can either take the children before dinner, after dinner, or anytime you see fit. Often times, we’ve hired babysitters to hang around, even if the parents do not think they will need one at the event. They end up being lifesavers, and are always used. The babysitters ?can provide the kids with activities, movies, snacks, and games to keep the little ones happy and the parents can dance the night away!
  • Ask Your Caterer to Provide Children’s Meals:?Everyone knows that kids are picky eaters. ?If there are young guests attending, be sure to ask the caterer to provide special children’s meals, as well as juices, milks and spill free cups.
  • Include a Kids Table in the Seating Plan:?Kids love hanging with other kids. Provide a kids table at dinner, for the children and the babysitter. Ask the caterer not to include steak knives or champagne on that table. Replace with things like crayons and coloring books!
  • Give Parents Info to Keep Watch:?It is easy to overlook dangerous equipment that lay around weddings. Things like candles, hanging decor, electrical outlets, power cords, generators and sharp catering tools.??If young children are present at your wedding, inform the parents or babysitters of the areas with this type of equipment, so they are prepared.
  • Include The Kids in the Rehearsal:?If you are having a flower girl or ring bearer at your ceremony, we strongly advise to practice ahead of time! During the rehearsal there is a substantially smaller amount of people at the rehearsal that at the actual wedding.??By making sure the kids feel comfortable with the wedding party, they will be great on the big day.

How did you keep little ones entertained at your wedding?