January 25, 2013

Gore Place Wedding | Garden Elegance & Food Truck Love for Jess & Patrick

Meeting Jess and Patrick was like a breath of fresh air. They came to our studio at the recommendation of their planner, Kelli from Swank Events . We met in May to talk flowers for their August Gore Place Wedding, in Waltham.

Jess, Patrick and Jess’s mom (who was in from Cali) came to the studio. We instantly loved their laid back vibe. Patrick was such a great sport too, making jokes and sweetly teasing the girls. (Or wait, were we teasing him?) That particular day our studio was s filled with flowers for a wedding, so we “oohed” and “ahhed” over the blooms. The couple wasn’t sure what they wanted for flowers, but they knew they wanted something simple, rustic and fun. Their ceremony was in a huge field, with cocktail hour in the garden, and reception at the carriage house. And here’s what we loved most – they worked with Kelli to plan alfresco dining outside the carriage house…with a food truck. Moira instantly knew we had to do market lights around the tables and a variety of beautiful garden flowers. Moira took Jess and her mom to the market in July. They had a blast!

Jess and Patrick are such genuine people. A few days before the wedding, Patrick called to ask for another pin-on. At the end of the call, he asked: “Will we get to see you at the wedding? We definitely want you guys to stay for cocktail hour!” On the big day, Moira and I were hesitant to grab a drink in the middle of the party. Until we saw Jess’s mom, who hugged us and said, “Get in there! Get a drink! Jess and Patrick want to see you!” That settled it. We grabbed a drink, not really expecting the couple to have a moment to say hi to us. As soon we walked in, they came over to us as relaxed as ever, gave us big hugs and said,”Thank you so much for coming. And thank you for everything. It is exactly what we wanted!!” Ahh…a breath of fresh air.

(Huge shout out to the Swank crew, who planned & designed the day, with beautiful details: signs, tablescape elements, hanging seating cards, and more!)
Photography by Ars Magna Studio.