November 7, 2013

Andrea & Geoff’s Wedding: The Lyman Estate

As we are entering in the cool winter months, we can’t help but be nostalgic for the bright, picture perfect days of summer. Especially when they are filled with lovely couples, wedding bells, peachy petals and coral hues that brighten our day. Andrea and Geoff had a picture perfect day in July for their?Lyman Estate Wedding.?Living in California, the couple made most of their big decisions in a just few visits to Andreas home in New England. A history major, Andrea loved the historic charm and architecture of the Lyman Estate. ?And they wanted their flowers to reflect this as well. We went with coral, fluffy, overflowing flowers – a throwback to the historical garden parties of the 19th century. Andrea topped off the big day with soft coral details like straws and menus.??We truly ?loved doing their ?floral design for them for many reasons…but one of the many was how positive they both were on the big day. Even with 90 degree heat and an 80% chance of rain, these two were all smiles. And we are firm believers in positive thinking – because on that day, there was not a cloud in the sky for these two!

Congrats Andrea and Geoff!?Check out these awesome Photos by our dear friends at?Summer Street Photography.