September 23, 2013

Motivation Monday: De-stress with a Nature Hike!

A great way to de-stress from wedding planning is to get away for a bit and emerge yourself in nature. So pack a lunch, water and some
snacks, and head out ?for an invigorating hike! Check the weather and start your day early. Here are three great New England hiking areas that burn calories while relaxing your mind:

1. Mount Greylock. The highest peak is 3,491 feet high. So many great hiking trails and easy parking. It is about 150 miles from Boston or about a 3 hour drive, so plan accordingly. If you forget your breakfast, lunch or dinner or you need a drink after your hike, there is a lodge on top,?You can even stay on top at the Lodge if you reserve ahead of time. For more information about Mount Greylock visit:

2. Mount Monadnock. The highest peak is 3165 feet high, which means there are varying level hikes. The mountain is about 85 miles from Boston, or a 2 hour drive.? Mount Monandnock is open year round, but some amenities become limited after October 1. For more information, visit:

3. Blue Hills.??Don?t feel like driving a long distance to go hiking? Blue Hills is a great choice! About 16 miles from Boston or about a 22 minute drive, its a short trip from home. The highest peak is 635 feet high, so this is great for beginners who want an easier nature walk. Climb to the tower and keep on going for miles if you want! There is free parking and even a trailside museum to visit. For more info:



Let me know your favorite spot!