Motivation Monday: Top 5 Things You’ll Need For Your At-Home Wedding Workout!

So maybe the gym just?isn’t?your cup of tea….That doesn’t mean you can’t have awesome arms for your wedding, or feel amazing in your bikini on your honeymoon. Check out Meera’s TOP 5 essential?pieces of ?exercise equipment to get fit right in the comfort of your own home! You’ll find these essentials at your local sporting good store, Target, and?occasionally?Marshalls or TJ Maxx. Here’s what you’ll need:
  • A Good Pair of Sneakers!? First and foremost, you can not skimp on this one!??Your feet are valuable. Go to a sporting good store to get your feet measured. If you have any issues with your feet, ask your podiatrist what sneakers to buy!
  • Exercise Ball-??An exercise ball is versatile and can be used effectively for stretching, balance and for performing various strength exercises. Be sure to get an exercise ball that has a pump included or is inflatable at home. ?The size of the ball should be appropriate for your height. ?See sizes: 55 cm – 4’11” – 5’4″ , ?65 cm – 5’5″ – 5’11, ?75 cm – 6’0″ – 6′ 7″.
  • ?Exercise Mat-??An exercise mat allows you to have a clean and tractioned surface, as well as cushioning during floor exercise ? You can do yoga, abdominal exercises, strength exercises, and meditation on a mat.
  • ?Exercise Bands and/ or?Dumbbells-??Choose one or the other or get both if you aren’t on a ?tight ?budget!??They are great portable sources of toning. Because there is constant resistance when you use exercise bands, your body is constantly trying to stabilize. This will?improve?your coordination, balance, and toning all in one.??Execise bands have a different color system for each level of resistance.??I suggest getting a package of three resistance colors so you can work up and get stronger.??If you decide to get dumbells, you have two good at home options. ?The first is to buy several pairs of dumbbells in varying weights.?For the typical bride, I suggest 5 pounders, 8 pounders, 10 pounders and 12 pounders. ?You can also get an adjustable dumbbell kit.??This comes with two handles and several weight plates to add and secure with a clip or collar.??Choose the option that best suits you.
  • ?Jump rope-??Great for a fast burst of exercise to get your heart rate up!??This will rev up your metabolism and burn some great calories!??Test out a few jump ropes and decide which material suits your jumping.??Typical sizing for jump ropes: ?8? length- Height 4?9?- 5?5?, 9? length- Height 5?6?- 6?0?, 10? length- Height 6?1?- 6?6?, 11? length- Height over 6?6?.
Now wondering what exercises to do with this stuff???Check out Whim?s?Motivation Monday Blogs and/or send an e-mail to Meera at?