June 2, 2013

Motivation Monday: Wedding Dress Workout: 3 Ways to Get Jiggle Free Arms!

Triceps are important to keep toned for your wedding day! So pick up those weights, grab a chair, and get ready to get those jiggle-free ?arms!


  1. Always remember to consult a physician prior to starting an exercise program.
  2. Pick a weight that you can do 15 reps and that you feel the exercise by the 10th repetition.
  3. For each exercise perform 2 sets of 15 repetitions with a 10 second break between the two sets.
  4. Never do the same muscle group two days in a row? so if you give these exercises a try on Monday, give your shoulders a rest on Tuesday but get right back on for Wednesday.
  5. If something does not feel right, STOP the exercise.

First exercise: Triceps Over the Head Press

Stand: legs shoulder width apart, abs tight with both weights or 1 weight in your hand. Bring your arms behind your head, with elbows close to your head.

Action: Push the dumbbells over the head while keeping your elbows tight to your head. As you push you?re your arms up, tighten the back of the arm as tight as you can. Return to start position and repeat.












Second exercise: Dips on a STABLE chair

Sit: Sit on a STABLE chair or couch. Grasp a hold of the edge of the couch or chair, push your butt off the chair, and hold your body up with your arm strength. Keep your butt close to the couch or chair. If you are a beginner you may want to keep your knees bent, otherwise keep your legs straight and heels down and toes up.

Action: Bend your elbows to no further than 90 degrees, keep your shoulders down, and keep your butt close to the chair or couch. Return to straight arms. Continue down and up until your set is complete.








Third exercise: Triceps Kick backs

Stand: legs shoulder width apart, abs tight with weights in your hand. Bring your chest down but keep your back flat and your knees slightly bent. Bring your elbows up by your side and keep them fixed through the entire set.

Action: Push the dumbbells back so that your arms are nice and tight through the back of your arms, return to arms bent.












ALWAYS REMEMBER to e-mail me at anytime with your fitness questions at MotivationalMeera@gmail.com!

About Meera:?Meera?Mathur has been in the Fitness/Wellness world for over 20 years.? She earned her Masters degree at UCONN in Fitness?Management?and her undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree?at Springfield College for Health and Fitness.? She is AFAA certified in Weight Training, Kickboxing, and Primary Aerobics.??Meerahas worked in corporations giving weight loss seminars, creating various incentive programs,?implementing preventative Repetitive Strain Injury classes, personal training several different clientele, and hosting several events including Health Fairs. ?Meera’s passion in fitness is also shown in her past Figure Competitions, which she uses to motivate herself and learn more about how the body responds. She loves working with brides and grooms to help them get fit and healthy for the big day and beyond!