July 9, 2012

On a Whim: Wedding Details & Boston Flower Market Fun

This is the story of how we wooed Matt & Steph with flowers…

By now you know a ton about our design for?Matt & Steph’s big day. So, last week, I met with Steph to go over the wedding day timeline. I loved that she was wearing her Radiohead tshirt, and was ready with her notebook and seating plan. She?ll tell you she?s all over the place with the wedding planning, but she?s got her shiz together. We ordered some coffee and got to work on a timeline. Easy breezy. I?m not sure what I love more,that they’re getting married by a great friend and fellow meat lover,?that they?re being introduced into the cocktail hour(?Who would want to miss that?!?)?OR that her son is playing a guitar solo in the middle of dinner?or that the cake has figurines of their family in pajamas?!

After the timeline, I oohed and ahhed over their engagement pics for a bit. Seriously, awesome. Yaritza Colon rocks. See more pics here.

Then, a week later, we met Steph, her son Drew and Matt at the flower market so Moira could get a sense of their style. We must say, Matt was officially our first client ever to stretch before hitting the market. He?s a Sports and Conditioning Coach ? so it only makes sense he gets psyched up, right? 😉

The flower market conclusions: the deep purple calla lily and burgundy dahlia still reign supreme…Among a few other sweet textures and wine inspired colors.













And get this: Moira?s ordered 95 glass vases for the big day..in a variety of sizes. YES. 95 vases. ?For a serious glow at the ceremony and reception. We’re pretty sure Florence and the Machine would be jealous of this unplugged show.














In other news, Jen?s working diligently on the Band Poloroid table names. Here?s a teaser.

Oh Oh! And, I ordered the vinyl records for guests to sign, which came in today. There is a bit of a surprise involved, so I won’t give it away, but we can?t wait for Steph and Matt to see.

Other than that, we?ve got T-5 days to go?.and we can?t wait for this day. We’re putting in our song request now.


Nat & the Whim Crew