Planning With Kelsey: My New Found Love for Cocktail Hour

When I first started working at weddings, I became familiar with the term ?cocktail hour.? I was unsure as to why it was necessary- couldn?t all the guests wait for cocktails til dinner? I soon realized the more important meaning behind cocktail hour & why it?s crucial to your big day. Here are my tips to keep in mind when adding this into your wedding!

Don?t starve your guests: The most important part of cocktail hour is the food. Guests should have access to food every 2 hours at the minimum. If your ceremony is at 3pm, and dinner is at 6pm, not including speeches before dinner starts and travel time, that could be 4 hours without anything to eat, and guests will have to fend for themselves. A whimployee attended a wedding where they snuck out during photos to grab appetizers for the wedding party, due to a lack of a cocktail hour! Having passed appetizers during your cocktail hour is a great idea to give guests a sneak peek of how fabulous your caterer is. We also recommend having a station with either fruit, cheese, or bread & crackers. Have your caterer set aside a plate with a sample of all the appetizers for you & your spouse to enjoy!

Drinks: In my experience, having water accessible to guests after the ceremony is a great idea, and they will appreciate it!! The line for the bar is always super long once cocktail starts. By setting out tasteful water and lemonade dispensers, guests will be able to be refreshed quickly!

Did you find cocktail hour to be beneficial on your big day?

xo Kelsey