July 15, 2013

Summer Wedding Workouts: How to Beat the Heat!

With so many fall weddings coming up, ?many brides are working out now in the summer months. But how can you beat the heat? ?If you listen to your ?body and you follow the following tips, you can continue to exercise outside with worry during these hot days. ?Here are a few tips to keep you safe in the heat!

(But, if you ever feel faint, dizzy or nauseous, stop immediately.)

1.??Avoid the Hours of?9:00am-3:00pm.??This time period is the hottest time of day.??It is best to wake up early and workout.


2.?Stay Hydrated.??Make sure you have hydrated the night before.??A few hours or minutes prior to exercising outside, make sure to drink a glass or two of water.??Also, carry a water bottle with you.??Even if you are not thirsty, make sure to take sips of water every 15-20 minutes.??After finishing your exercise, drink more.


?3.?Wear Appropriate Clothing.?Wear light colored clothing and wear cotton material, which will help the evaporation of sweat. Try fast drying clothing that is designed to keep you cool.


4. Check the Forecast before you leave the House!??If there is a heat advisory, workout indoors because this means there are high ozone levels and air pollution levels, which can damage your lungs.


5. Sunscreen is a must.?It’s important to protect your skin. You don?t want to get burned before your big day, or ever! ?If you can, chose shaded trails and keep out of the sun.


What fitness questions do you have ?for your big wedding day???Have a question- submit it to?motivationalmeera@gmail.com