Top 5: Ways to Keep Everyone in Loop on Your Wedding Day

Have you ever been in a wedding party where there are 5 other bridesmaids next to you wondering the answers to one million questions? Where did the Mother of the Bride go? When can I eat even a morsel of a muffin? When does the bride need to get dressed? When will I finally be able to get my hair finished?

Whether you are the bride, Maid of Honor, or even a bridesmaid try incorporating some of these nifty schedules into your day full of wedding prep and hairspray in order to keep everyone in the wedding party in line (including the guys, as well!).


1. Complete Wedding Party Guide. Create a wedding day program just you’re your wedding party. Include a bridesmaid and groomsmen side so everyone knows where the other is. Try listing the times and places of each activity; this will also help keep the stragglers on track!

2. Share the Love with your Ladies. Afraid the guys will loose your wedding day schedule? Create a cute timeline for your maids, complete with photos and all of the day’s activities, including trips to the salon and brunch hour

3. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. Don’t have a wedding party? Perhaps, you only have a MOH or select family members taking part in your day. Share the basic events you have scheduled for your special guests so they have a general idea of what to expect for the day.

4. Who’s Who. If you have wedding party members from all stages of your life, chances are many have never met before. Keep everyone feeling comfortable and in the know by providing a program, diagram, or list of Who’s Who in the wedding party. Include actual pictures of your bridesmaids and groomsmen if they are okay with you snagging their Facebook profile picture; or just list their names and role for a more basic feel.

5. Getting Tech Savvy. Not into killing trees with tons of paper schedules? Try having members in your wedding party download the Appy Couple. This app will help keep all of your friends and family in communication, in the loop on daily wedding events, and best of all, is right in their pocket at all times!

You don’t have to be a drill sergeant on your wedding day, but these organization tools will help keep your wedding party on track so you can enjoy your special day!


Good Luck!