February 17, 2013

Wedding Planning: 5 Tips For Being a Chill Bride

Weddings don’t have to be stressful! We have met some really chill brides in our day…and here is what we have learned from them:

BEFORE PLANNING: Prioritize your needs. Then take each task step by step. If you haven’t picked your wedding venue yet, do not spend too much time searching for favors! We know it’s fun, but getting too far ahead leads to more stress.

DURING PLANNING: Vent to someone who is not directly related to the wedding. A coworker or a gym buddy will lighten any situation.

A FEW DAYS BEFORE THE WEDDING: Plan to do something before the wedding that relaxes you. Schedule a massage that week. Go for a run or do yoga. Ask a bridesmaid to make a playlist of your favorite songs to listen to when getting ready.

WHEN GETTING READY: Schedule some free time during your wedding day. Hair and makeup could take a few hours, so plan for that. If you’re ceremony is at 5 pm., you should not be sitting in the hair or makeup chair at 4:00 pm. You need some down time.

AT THE WEDDING:  Take a quiet & private moment as newlyweds. Spend 5 minutes together for a kiss and take it all in. No, your sweetheart table does not count as a private space! A great time for this is after your couples photos, away from your guests and in a quiet place.

What helped you relax on your wedding day? Feel free to leave a comment: