Whim’s Vendor Spotlight: Brighter Lights Media

Eric + Rachel // a Wedding Feature from Brighter Lights Media on Vimeo.


By now, you’ve watched the video above and know why today’s spotlight is who it is. The first time we met the Brighter Lights Media team, they were interviewing us for a photo shoot / film we were making last spring.?We loved them! They were super funny and bright dudes. ?And then, when we saw the video they made from that interview, well we about fell over in our desk chairs. Not only were these guys funny and bright, but WAY talented! They actually made us cry! (in the best way). If you want every awesome, heartwarming & hilarious detail of your wedding captured on film, BLM is your crew. Find out how they got their start (completely by accident!) and check out their sweet tips for hiring the right videography team.
When did you start in the business & how did you get into wedding videography?
We got started in September of 2011 completely by accident. Chris and I had recently left our jobs in the corporate video world when we decided to try and start our own production company. A friend of a friend had overheard us talking about this, and she had a wedding coming up (in 2 weeks!) and asked us to film it. We jumped on it, she loved what we created, and has been spreading our name around ever since!


What is your philosophy?
Our philosophy is completely centered around getting to know our clients. A wedding has so many moving parts and so many unique personal elements weaved into one day, we spend so much time when it comes to planning, storytelling, and personalizing our work to produce a truly custom one of a kind film.


What is your favorite thing about being a wedding videographer?
Being able to stir up an emotional reaction while watching our films. A typical job you sort of just do your work, you go home at the end of the day, rinse and repeat, so I think it?s pretty incredible to be able to create a product for someone, and then?see and hear?from them just how much they love and appreciate what we?ve done. It?s very rewarding, we?re so lucky and fortunate to have that opportunity.


What type of client do you love working with?
There are a few traits that the majority of our clientele have that we tend to look for when interviewing couples. For starters, they get excited when talking about their fianc? and love to repeat their story of how they met. We like to see people who are truly in love and are more into the idea of marriage than just throwing an awesome party. A lot of our couples also have been together for between 5-10 years. We also enjoy working with people who have a sense of curiosity and have an adventurous side to their personality.


What is your best advice for a couple when it comes to wedding videography?
Every website you visit you will surely see some short 3-5 minute highlight clips of that videographer?s recent work. It?s very easy to make 5 minutes look amazing from an entire day?s worth of footage, so my recommendation would be to ask to see?a recent feature or finished final product?to make sure that the quality is sustained and consistent with what you saw in the shorter films.


A recent highlight film😕https://vimeo.com/82024961
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