Whim’s Year in Review: 2013 A Year of Emotion & Gratitude

{From the bottom of our hearts}

Every year is like a new beginning for us. ?Although our mission will?never?change?(see our 2012 year in review),?we are constantly blessed with new opportunities to see why weddings are such a labor of love. This year, one of our clients said to us, “A wedding is like an ecosystem of people; all who had some part in bringing us together.” This hit us in a profound way, because it is so true.?(Thanks, Phil!).??A marriage is a new ecosystem of connection, community and shared love. And we are so lucky to be a part of these special moments. We get to see the true reasons why people feel warm and fuzzy inside, the small kisses that couples sneak when they don’t think others are looking, a bride just before she walks in to meet her groom, the feeling you get when you walk into a room filled with joy for others. In other professions, we are told emotions do not belong in the workplace. But in the love business, we are surrounded by it, engulfed in it. We embrace it and hug it and squeeze it tight. ?So at each wedding this year, we tried to remain conscious of that ecosystem of love that exists. ?And although the little styling details and floral design are our skill, we know they are nothing if we do not create them for each couples’ specific love and the ecosystem that surrounds it. So this blog is an enormous resounding, and grateful thank you to our clients, for letting us be a part of that wonderful environment that makes your marriage so precious.

And, speaking of ecosystems, we had the privilege of building?our team?this year. Never have we ever seen a group of women so brilliantly passionate about making our clients’ wedding days so special. ?And a group so willing to hustle, while having a little fun! (Whim personal training on the job??or?NECR/Whim cross fit?!)?And when I had a baby in late November, the planning team took my place at each wedding as if it wast their own. ?Moira had her own team of girls working hard to make something beautiful, teaching our whimterns and flower gals how to nurture the flowers. So after three years of building?Whim as solely?Moira and I,?it brings tears to our eyes to see thank you notes come in addressed to these girls.

And lastly, a huge thank you to the ecosystem of creatives we get to work with at each celebration. You may know them as “vendors” but we hate that word because they are much more. ?They are magic makers. It is this community of photographers, venues, caterers, planners, stylists, artists, designers and stationers with the same passion for love that make these weddings much more than just an event. In fact in 2014, we are so moved and humbled to be planning Jenn & Erick’s wedding with the generous Boston wedding community ?-?to make a wedding wish come true and provide hope in the midst of heart breaking news.??We are also grateful for our mentors – ?who help us grow and people who believe in us. (Special to thank you?Zak Kraft and?C10!).

So without further ado, here is our 2013 year in review – a small glimpse of the shared & treasured moments and the ecosystems that make love so infinitely endearing and beautiful.

xoxo,?Nat, Moira and the Whim Crew.

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