Whim’s Year in Review: “Poetry, Emotion, Love, Beauty..These are What We Stay Alive For…”

Moira and I built Whim on one true foundation: to create those utterly breathtaking moments when time stops and everything is perfectly magical. Little did we know, these moments would be just as magical for us as they would be for our clients.

2012 was a year of learning, loving, living, working our bums off, dancing our bums off, finding out who our clients really were and finding out who Whim really is. It’s hard to pick our favorite parts of the year, but what we love the most is how personal this business has really become to us. We have the amazing privilege?of watching our clients fall in love all over again, to see their first kiss as a married couple, to be a part of their most intimate moments with family and friends. So to us, our relationship with them is just as important.?When Moira brings our clients to the flower market, it’s not just about what colors they like. It’s about getting to know them as a person, what drives them, what makes them laugh…when we grab a glass of wine or a cup of coffee with our clients, we instantly bond, like a group of old friends. And when our clients randomly pop by the studio, pull us out on the dance floor, or invite us to stay for cocktail hour, well, we’re just plain full of love. In the old days that stuff would have been seen as unprofessional. But when we’re involved in a wedding, that’s about as personal as it gets…and we embrace it. Because truly, how could we not?

This post is to thank our?wonderful?clients, for allowing us to share in such precious moments and for giving us the opportunity to get to know you. We will never forget how special and unique each of your marriages are.?And a huge thank you to all the amazing photographers, artists, designers, planners, caterers, venues, musicians and others for making our jobs even more fun.

So here’s to 2012 – the personal, beautiful, breathtaking, magical moments that make us ready to come back for more. Happy New Year!

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Poetry,emotion, love, beauty…these are what we stay alive for.? ?- Dead Poet’s Society


Nat & Moira