6 Ways to Add Sparkle to Your Wedding

I choose to believe that all of us have a little Ke$ha within us, maybe some (me) more than others, but either way adding glitter to your wedding can be fun AND gorgeous! So, how does one incorporate glitter into their wedding without giving off the exploded-craft-table look? The key is not to over-do it, unless that fits your style in which case I say go for it!

1. Shoes

Glam up those pumps by adding a layer of glitter to the bottom, heel or toe. This look is perfect for any dress type because it could compliment a – as my mother would say – ?bling bling? dress or bring sparkle to a subtle, classic dress.

2. Aisle

In lieu of flower petals, sprinkle sequins either along the sides or down the whole aisle. I HIGHLY recommend using larger glitter for this, in case you are unfamiliar with the adhesive ability of tiny glitter just know it will get EVERYWHERE. You?ll be dusting glitter off your dress for years to come.

3. Vases

Having trouble deciding what vases to use for centerpieces? Turn a plain, glass vase into a glitzy masterpiece with just some Mod Podge and glitter. Plus, since glitter goes with everything, you don?t have to worry about matching your flowers to your centerpiece vases!

4. Tablecloth

Now this may not be for everyone because it is a LOT of glitter, but personally I am obsessed with this look. Instead of trying to glam-up your tablescape, why not center the tablescape around glam? I?ve found that most party rental companies have at least one glitter tablecloth available for rent and they always look fab, amiright?!

5. Champagne Flutes

?If you?re doing a champagne toast you can add sparkle to your flutes, or if you?re not having a champagne toast you can decorate your wine glasses in the same fashion. Not only will these look glamorous, but your guests will feel so swanky drinking fancy drinks out of a fancy glass!

6. Glitter Send-Off

Last but not least, at the end of the night – or after your ceremony – you can have guests throw glitter on you and your new significant other. This is another situation where you?re going to want to get bigger glitter pieces? unless you enjoy having glittery showers in which case get the finest grain glitter you can find!