September 23, 2014

Mocktail Recipes for Your Cocktail Hour

_KN33888While I know this may be a hard concept for some to grasp, there are ultimately going to be a few guests at every wedding who won?t drink. Yes, I know, but let?s give them the benefit of the doubt.. maybe they?re the DD, maybe they?re pregnant. At any rate, you?ll want to be a mindful host and provide a few non-alcoholic drinks – specifically during cocktail hour. So, to make your life a little easier, here are five recipes for mocktails that are a great alternative to lemonade or water:

1. Shirley Temple




Cherry garnish

Why it rocks: The Shirley Temple is a classic; it?s sweet, bubbly and everyone is?familiar with it.?Learn how to make it at Recipe Boy!


2. Arnold Palmer


Iced Tea


Lemon wedge garnish

?Why it rocks: The Arnold Palmer is another classic and can very easily be made?in bulk. It?s refreshing and has that lemony kick that?s perfect for a summer?s evening.?Learn how to make it at Tablespoon!


3. Cotton Candy Spritzer


Cotton candy of choice


?Why it rocks: This fun, sparkling drink brings back childhood memories of?carnivals and county fairs! The cotton candy adds in all the flavor you?ll need, and guests can watch it melt into the Perrier right before their eyes!Learn how to make it at Serendipity Soiree!


4. Watermelon Mocktini



White grape juice


Orange wedge

Watermelon slice garnish

Why it rocks: Who doesn?t love a nice cold slice of watermelon on a hot summer?day? With this drink, you can WOW your guests by turning that delicious snack into a crisp, refreshing drink!Learn how to make it at Fit Pregnancy!


5. Passion Fruit Thyme Mocktail


Simple syrup

Passion fruit



Lime juice

Pineapple juice

?Why it rocks: If you?ve ever had any drink with passion fruit in it, you?ll know?exactly why it rocks. For those of you who haven?t, it?s (in my opinion) the single greatest fruit flavor in the world. Passion fruit is sweet and slightly tangy, and makes any drink you make with it the absolute bees knees!?Learn how to make it at Fit Pregnancy!

What?s your favorite go-to mocktail? Or have you found a cocktail you can make non-alcoholic? Let us know in the comments!!

Cheers, y?all!


Photo by Katie Noble Photo