January 18, 2012

Artful Wedding Inspiration

At Whim, there’s never a dull moment! ?We recently went to a wedding in a gallery, where each guest was asked to bring a piece of art to decorate the space. ?This made for a super cool conversations starter! Then today, after brainstorming?with one of our lovely brides, who just happens to be an artist, our creativity went through the roof! ?We love art. We love working with artists. ?We love designing artful spaces. ?And in fact, the whole reason we started Whim was to collaborate with local artists and create the most unique, personal and beautiful events we could possibly create. ?Cookie-cutter wedding days are over (that is, unless you are using cookie cutters in some cool way – a hanging mobile perhaps?). ? So today, we’re getting artsy.. with some colorful wedding ideas inspired by our favorite artist tool.. the good old fashioned Crayon Box. ?=)

Hand-drawn invitation envy:








(Photo Credit:?for more go to:?http://www.ladyfingersletterpress.com/)


So we know you probably can’t paint on the walls at your venue, but what about a sweet mural backdrop for your photobooth or chalkboard art for the dessert table? Great keepsake, too. Check out more of Jen’s hand-drawn art here:?http://cutpastelove.homestead.com/


Bottom line…Art is fun. Weddings are fun. Art + Weddings = Fun!!!