“On A Whim – Inside the Styling Studio”: Find out how Whim designs a real wedding!

Often, we get asked how we come up with a wedding design?Well?it usually happens after 3 cups of coffee (or in Moira?s case ? tea with milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon), a pow-wow at the Whim brainstorming table with a tupperware of blueberries, some crazy gardening tales from Jen O?Donnell, our intern Jenny?s ferocious note taking, and my super obsessive agenda making. We start with big dreams and end with big dreams. Moira sketches. We shout out ideas. We have a dance party. We shout out more ideas.

Proposals are made and sent. We talk to the client a lot. We stalk them on Facebook a little bit. We daydream about their wedding for months. Our families know everything about our client?s centerpieces. It is our life? for a short and lovely moment in time?

All with the intention that we can help make dreams happen.

So we got super psyched when we decided to chronicle an actual Whim Wedding from start to finish right here on the blog! We?ll show you how the entire process comes together?from the initial meeting with the couple to the wedding day. Will you laugh? Will you cry? Will there be celebrity cameos? Who knows?All we know is love is a beautiful thing?and we want to shout it out from the rooftops. Or, at the least, from our blog.

Our first ever ?On a Whim ?Inside the Styling Studio? blog will feature Matt & Steph, a super-cool couple whose obsession with cheeseburgers, wine & live music will rock your world. (They once saw a man hair set his hair on fire at a concert!) ?And yes, all of these details are going into the design of their big day?

So stay tuned next week to learn about our first meeting with Matt & Steph?and prepare for a burger eating, booty-shakin? good time?.


Nat, Moira & the Whim Crew