June 5, 2012

On a Whim: A Wine & Music Inspired Wedding at Les Zygomates

This is the story of how we met Matt & Steph.

Steph’s ?original email to Whim was pretty standard. Her and her fiance Matt were interested in flowers (perhaps burgundy dahlias) for a night-time wedding at Les Zygomates Wine Bar in Boston. ?Little did we know, this awesome couple was far from standard.

We got a bit more info. They wanted an urban, intimate feel, inspired by music and wine ? like a big dinner party, where they just happened to be getting married.

We loved their energy from the start – and we set up a time to meet. A few days later, Steph emailed to ask if we could bring our dear friend Jen O?Donnell from CutPasteLove to the meeting. Steph and Matt loved Jen?s quirky hand-written wedding invitations. We consider Jen a part of the Whim crew, so you can imagine our reply.

And so we all met at Les Zyg on a bustling Thursday night. Jazz was playing, wine was flowing. And in fact, it felt like a fun night out, where we just happened to be talking about their wedding.

We instantly loved Matt and Steph. In between wine, oysters and burgers, we learned they have been to over 47 concerts together. Matt once went to a wedding with 2 different shoes on. They?ve been friends for years. They once saw a dude set his hair on fire at a concert. Steph?s son is learning VooDoo Child to play on the guitar at their wedding. Matt?s a southern gentlemen who pulls out chairs for ladies, and prides himself on random facts. Steph?s a school teacher for inner city kids, who runs marathons for charity…and loves cheeseburgers and cake. Their engagement pictures were taken of the two of them eating cheeseburgers all over Boston…

All in all, these two crazy cats were quirky, unique and fun?exactly how we imagined their wedding to be.

So, we were thrilled when Steph and Matt asked us to not only do flowers, but to also design their entire vision?from invites, to a seating concept, right down to the guestbook. Music and good conversation were key elements, as was a way to remember Steph?s mom, who had passed away years ago. With two months to make this part-ay happen, we had a lot to do quickly.

A few days after our meeting, Jen got to work on the invites. And she floored everyone with this awesome design.



















Now, the next step…for us to build a custom design proposal?

?and we can?t wait to tell you what we came up with!

Find out more on the next blog, friends. =)


The Whim Crew – Nat, Moira, Jen & Jenny