September 15, 2014

DIY Bouquets: Home Grown & All On Your Own

You know when you?re driving down a back road and you look over thinking about how the surroundings look like something Bob Ross would paint while saying ?These flowers are happy little flowers?? Well, what if I told you, you could make something with those happy little flowers? What if I told you you could even make your own bouquet? Given the seasonal flowers are within your color scheme or the type of flowers that you’re looking for, you could do just that.


While visiting my family in Upstate New York I decided to pull the car over and gather those happy little flowers and make them into a bouquet.


But, before you go foraging for flowers off the back roads let me give you some tips:


1.) Wear proper clothing!

I?m not a bug person. Never have been and I never will be. However, bugs (particularly, ticks) aren?t the only thing you should shelter yourself from. Poison Ivy and Poison Sumac are also out and about (at least in our neck of the woods).


2.) Bring some gardening shears and branch snips.

I?m not encouraging you to cut down any small trees (you overachiever) but some of the flowers you might be drawn to may have branch-like stems.


3.) You?re going to need some gardening gloves.

I?know you?re probably thinking ?I?m not going digging for these flowers!? I know, but trust me when I say there will be thorns. Unexpected, pointy, blood-drawing thorns. Okay, they?re not that bad, but they aren?t fun when you aren?t prepared for them, and I was not.

4.) Bring a bucket of water.

Once the flowers are cut they will need a continuous water source.



5.) You will need a sharp knife, a string and floral tape.

The knife is for cutting off the thorns and extra leaves. The string is to tie your bouquet and the Floral tape is to wrap it. After wrapping it in floral tape you are?free to wrap it in any material of your choice.

?boston wedding flowers


I picked some of the flowers from some side roads of my maternal grandmother?s hometown and some from my paternal grandmother?s garden to add some special meaning to the bouquet. This is a great way to utilize all the beauty that Mother Nature has surrounded us with! Have fun with it and don?t over think it. Whatever you make will look gorgeous. I have faith in you.

Your fellow flower child,