How to Stay Organized For Your Wedding

If you need an extra boost of organization with your up-and-coming wedding, try these scheduling tips. I love to stay organized and keep a tight schedule; these are my favorite ways to stay on top of what I have to get done!

1. Try the multi-platform Google Calendar. Google Calendar is great for sharing consultations, tastings, and dues dates with your hubby. You can access your account via the Internet, or download the app for easy viewing on your phone or tablet.

2. Get fancy with washi tape and color-coding. ?Who can resist the colors, patterns, and endless organization possibilities of washi tape?! I certainly can not. Try color-coding your calendars with tape or even colored pens. You can easily keep track of all your tasks if you begin to associate each color with a different vendor or task.

3. Stay organized with hard-copies of papers in a Binder. If you feel more secure with pieces of paper in your hand, print off all of your forms, receipts, and emails. You can use tabs to separate each vendor or category, such as receipts, design ideas, or logistics.

4. Stick to one good ole ?To-do List.? If you are in the slightest bit Type A, like me, making a list and crossing tasks off will make you feel so much more accomplished.

5. Don?t forget to take a break. Even the most organized of organizers can feel overwhelmed. Take some time to walk away from what you are doing. When you return to your work, you will feel better with a clear head.


Do you have any tips that help you stay organized?


Good Luck!