Five Ways to Use Twinkle Lights for Your Wedding Decor

Finding gorgeous decorative lighting on a budget can be difficult, so why not pull out those old twinkle lights hiding in your attic and use them add some flare to your wedding without spending a fortune! No matter your budget, these seemingly unexpected decorations can bring elegance to any venue.

1. Jazz up a simple space with multiple strings of twinkle lights. They can be gorgeous on their own, so play around with a few designs to figure out what you like best.

2. There are hundreds of ways that twinkle lights can be paired with several yards of tulle. Wrap the lights in tulle for a soft, glowing look that can be hung anywhere.

3. If you want to cover a plain ceiling, drape the tulle over the lights from a center point to create a canopied look. Fabric can even be paired with the tulle to create more movement for your guests’ eyes.

4. There are a countless number of do-it-yourself projects that can add character to your twinkle lights. Cover each bulb with paper or lanterns to create more lighting, or entangle them in a hanging decoration that you just want to add a little something more to.

5. If you feel that any of your spaces are under-lit, you can use twinkle lights to produce overhead lighting. They can be attached to walls, wrapped around columns, or anywhere else that covers your desired lit area.

Twinkle lights are the perfect inexpensive addition to any theme or venue. What other ways have you used twinkle lights?

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