June 7, 2019

How to Find Wedding Inspiration From Your Own Home

One of the first things we like to do before we begin the wedding design process is learn more about our couples and their everyday lives. Surprisingly, what your day-to-day lives look like should and can influence your wedding design pretty heavily. Your wedding should feel like YOU, of course! When your guests walk into the venue, you want them see that your style is reflected throughout each and every space. One major place and influence that we pull inspiration from is your home. Where you shop, what you find comforting and your favorite colors often say a lot about what you want your wedding design to look like, and your lives together in the future too. We created a mood board and a few tips and suggestions to show how you can draw inspiration from your own home.


This particular mood reflects my (Giovanna here!) personal style. I love earth tones and textures, and tons of plants. My clothes are mostly neutral too. So, how would I bring this into a wedding day? First, bring in more natural colors and textures by using the Acacia charger from Borrowed Blu on top of the Taupe Textured Linen from Party Rentals, Ltd. on round tables. A perfect combo.



I love to mix round linened tables with long wood farm tables to break up the space, and keep guests’ eyes moving around the room. For the farm tables, try using the Delizia Charger and the Smokey Grey Pressed Goblets from Borrowed Blu to brighten the wood tables and bring in those warm tones. Add a beautiful Nude Cotton Napkins from Borrowed Blu and a sprig of greenery to bring in that pop of green and nature to the place setting!


The key is noting things you personally gravitate towards. So when you are struggling on Pinterest, take a look around your home – we promise you will be able to find that spark of design inspiration you’re looking for.