August 12, 2013

How to Work Out on Vacation: Meera’s Bridal Beach Workout!

On vacation and have no gym equipment?- NO PROBLEM!?Being on vacation is a must, however with all the eating out it can be a disaster for the wedding figure!?Here are 5 ways to burn calories on the beach?You can try all of them separately or piece them together as a circuit.??If you do them in a circuit try doing the circuit three times around before taking a break.

  • Run!??If you brought sneakers or not get your body running on the water?s edge.??If you want a harder workout get in the soft sand.??Added bonus: Running on the sand is easier on the joints!??If you are only running for the day, try to run continuously for 30 minutes.??If you use running in the circuit run for 5-10 minutes and then go to the next exercise.



  • ?High Knees.??Pull and hug one knee in towards your chest, hop and pull your other knee in.??Keep switching.??Do this 15 times with each leg.



  • Lunge your legs into shape.??The shore line is a great place to do walking lunges.??Try doing 15 per leg and then turn around and go back.



  • Push-ups.??Keep your upper body in shape by doing 2 sets of 15 push ups in the sand.




  • ?Jumping Jacks.??A great total cardiovascular workout!??Try 2 sets of 25 to get started.


No excuses brides!?


What are your vacation workout tips and questions for Meera?