August 9, 2013

Four Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Favors!

For most brides, wedding favors are on the very bottom of their priority list when it comes to planning their big day. But believe it or not, your wedding favors are a pretty important element in your wedding. Wedding favors are a way for you to say ?thank you? to your guests for not only coming to your wedding, but also loving and supporting you for however long you have known them (and, you know, thanking them for the gifts they inevitably brought). You want to be sure to send the right message, but how?

Go green. Whether your wedding is really eco-friendly or not, your guests will love a favor that they can bring home and cherish for a long time. Hand out mini succulents, or give away bags of seeds from your favorite flowers. (Maybe even the same type of flowers you have at your wedding!) Another way to reduce the waste from your wedding is to provide bags that your guests can use to take flowers from your wedding home at the end of the night! The fact that your favors are sustainable ? and beautiful ? will be such a hit that you can guarantee they?ll all be gone by the end of the night!

Go practical. Having favors that your guests can either use at your wedding or at home long after your wedding is over will be very popular. Provide sunglasses or umbrellas for an outdoor ceremony, or set out cute little salt and pepper shakers for your guests to take home. Your guests will appreciate being able to use your favor long after your wedding has ended.

Go edible. Treat your guests to some homemade jam, honey, or local syrup. Nobody can resist an edible favor, and they can tie in to almost any theme! There are endless possibilities, from coffee or tea to oils and spices to signature sweets. In fact, these favors may be so popular that some of your guests might use them before they even get home!

?Credit Image:?Whim Events & Avenna Studios Photogaphy


Go drinkable. If you?re the type of couple who loves to drink, share that love with your guests by making your favors drink paraphernalia (just make sure they?re all 21). Wine and beer glasses are some of the best drink wedding favors, and they?re fairly inexpensive. These favors can also be used as decoration at your wedding; organize them in a space where they will be seen and appreciated until the end of the night when your guests can take them home. You could even personalize them so your guests are reminded of what an amazing time they had at your wedding every time they use them!

Remember, your favors should be something your guests will really enjoy. Your wedding favors should reflect you and your fianc?s? personalities ? or relationship ? and something that every guest will enjoy. Match the theme of your wedding, or share a secret passion you and your fianc? have for something; just try to stay away from giving your guests a picture of the two of you, while your grandparents may absolutely love it, your best friend?s date may not be all too thrilled.


Tell us, what?s the best wedding favor you?ve ever gotten?