Motivation Monday: How to Eat Dinner Out & Still Reach Your Weight Loss Goals!

Eating meals in restaurants while watching your weight can be scary. ?Brides, read these tips and eat out with ease!

  • Plan ahead: ?Pull the menu up on your smart phone or computer prior to going to the restaurant.??Find the best healthy options, all on your own time.??If you have any questions about how things are prepared, call the restaurant ahead and get the facts.??When you get to the restaurant you already know what you are going to order!
  • Ask for options: ?If your side option is French fries or onion rings ask if they have other options like a side salad or steamed veggies.??If they won?t do it, ask for no French fries before you get the meal and order a separate side that is healthy.
  • ?Stay simple with the drinks: ?Have a glass of wine, a light beer or a simple martini.??Do not have drinks with sugary mixes, like pina coladas, margaritas, schnapps, or triple sec, which add empty calories.
  • STAY AWAY from certain foods with these descriptives:?Run away from menu items that are creamy, rich, pan fried, fried, scalloped, buttery, breaded, stuffed, and cheesy.??If you are unsure, ?ask the waiter/waitress for clarification.??Sometimes you can even ask the chef to grill or bake the same items without the fixings.
  • Skip the dessert: ?Restaurant desserts taste amazing for a reason- they are filled with lots of FAT!??Instead, have a piece of dark chocolate at home and you certainly won’t feel guilty about it! ? (Photo credit:
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