August 2, 2013

Six Unconventional Vases for Your Wedding Flowers

No matter what the theme of your wedding is, a unique vase for your flowers is a great way to add a personal touch to both your ceremony and reception. Whether the vessel means something to you and your hubby or you just like the look of it, the right vase can bring your already beautiful flowers from stunning to jaw dropping.

Add a little beautiful irony to your centerpieces by keeping your flowers in pretty watering cans. Use it in an outdoor garden wedding or place it in a prominent place as a focal point in a rustic wedding. You?re guests will love how adorable it looks, and appreciate the humor of keeping your flowers in a watering can!

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Credit Image: Deborah Zoe Photography

Having a fall wedding? Arrange your flowers in a gourd to keep the theme of your wedding. Gourds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so you?ll have a lot of variety. Not only is this a great natural option for a vase, but also it will give off a warm, comforting ambiance.?

If you?d rather have stem-less flowers incorporated into your wedding, try suspending glass baubles and placing the flowers inside of them. This is a gorgeous, seamless look that can be hung at many different heights to create aesthetic texture. It?s also a look that is versatile, so it will go with any wedding!

?Credit Image: Carla Ten Eyck

Repurpose a couple old light bulbs and use them as vases in your wedding. Light bulbs are perfect for smaller bud vases and their unique shape will draw a lot of attention. They can also be displayed in several different ways: hang them from a stand, group them together on the table, or suspend them from the ceiling for a floating look.


?Credit Image:?Carla Ten Eyck

?A fun way to bring character to your wedding is by using alcohol bottles as vases! What better way to show off you and your hubby?s personalities than by using your favorite alcohol bottles to hold the beautiful flowers you picked out together? Just make sure they?re thoroughly washed out before you put flowers into them!


Photo: Katie Noble Photo

Whether your wedding is classic, rustic, natural, or full of personality, there are hundreds of unique options for vases other than mason jars and urns. Explore your options, think outside the box, and have fun with it!

Tell us, what?s the craziest vase you?ve ever seen?