Motivation Monday: 5 Ways to Beat Bloat Before the Big Day… the Healthy Way!

We talk to SO many brides every day who are constantly telling us they want to get fit, eat well, and relieve stress before their wedding day. ?Not to mention, stick with the?routine after the honeymoon!??That’s why Team Whim was thrilled when our friend, and personal trainer and fitness instructor Meera Mathur, offered to write a weekly motivation blog for our brides!! ?Seriously, we’re ready to eat more veggies and go for a run!

Today on Meera’s Motivation Monday Blog spot: 5 ways to beat bloat before the big day, the healthy way.?No starvation diets or crazy, unhealthy tactics allowed!

1. EXERCISE:??Physical activity helps things move along faster and helps get the excess air out of the body!? So put on your sneakers and go for a brisk walk. Its good for you!

2. Ditch the Chewing Gum:? Decrease activities where you can swallow excess air.? This includes chewing gum, smoking, eating and talking, and sipping through a straw.? Gum can be doubly bad for you because of the artificial sweeteners in the gum such as sorbitol which can be difficult for some to digest and therefore more bloating could occur.

3. Eat Potassium Rich Foods:??Potassium helps regulate the fluids in the body.? Eat foods high in Potassium such as bananas, mangoes, spinach, nuts, white mushrooms and make sure to nosh on asparagus which has an extra property that flushes excess fluid out of the body!

4. Say Goodbye to Soda:?Carbonation in any drink will create stomach bloat.? Instead of grabbing the bubbly, grab?the water bottle!? Believe it or not the more water you drink the more that will be dispelled! ?So drink the 8 glasses of water a day!

5. Go Light on the Carbohydrates at Night:?Carbohydrates make you retain water, so eat less of them at night when you don?t?have much of a chance to get rid of your bloat when sleeping.

Try a tip today and tune in every Monday for a new health tip from Meera!

Have a fitness question for Meera? ?Leave it in the comment box. She’ll be happy to answer and help you reach your health goals!