May 13, 2013

Motivation Monday: 5 Ways to Kick Start Your Wedding Weight Loss

Brides, ?we know you want to look and feel amazing on your wedding day. What girl doesn’t? But, first and foremost, if your goals is weight loss, give yourself enough time to lose weight the right way!? Don?t crash diet a few weeks prior to your wedding. You will most likely lose water weight and gain it all back a few days after eating normally. Start at least 3 months prior to your day and make these small, steady changes to help you reach your goals?

1.???? Eat small meals every 2-3 hours: Be sure to eat?small meals every few hours so that your metabolism stays revved up.? If you go through the day without eating, your body goes into protection mode and stores fat.? So brides listen up: Eat regularly even if you are busy!? Bring? healthy snacks with you for the whole day!

2. ? ??Drink Lots of Water:?There are many reasons to drink water!? Water keeps you full and prevents you from eating excess calories. ?Often, you may think you are hungry, but try drinking a glass of water first and then decide. ?Other benefits of drinking enough water throughout the day? H20 keeps your energy levels up and helps your skin look amazing!

3. ? ?Decrease Your Carb intake after 3:00 pm😕If you eat your carbohydrates in the earlier part of the day, ?you have a better chance of utilizing them with your daily activities. Otherwise, carbs are stored in the body with water- which increases your chance of ?bloat & excess water weight.

4. ? ? ?De-stress!?When you become stressed (What bride isn?t?) Cortisol is produced in the body, which slows down the muscle building testosterone in our system.? The increase in Cortisol can increase the storage of body fat in the belly. ?Learn new ways to help you de-stress now. Try yoga, meditation or more nights in with the girls! Not only will it help you manage your weight, but ?your everyday life and relationship.

5.???? ?Stick with Real Food! Stay away from processed foods and processed sugars.? Stick with real food that energizes your body with vitamins and minerals and stay away from packaged goods with ingredients you have never heard of.

This Week: ?Try focusing on one tip each day this week and let us know how they work for you!

E-mail Meera ?at with your wedding health and fitness questions and she’ll be sure to post an answer next Monday!