June 24, 2013

Motivation Monday: Wedding Workout: Bringing Sexy Back!

Do you want a sculpted back for your wedding day? Most people focus on their front side, but when you walk down that aisle everyone is looking at your backside?So It is time to start sculpting your back ladies! I have put together 3 of my favorite back exercises to get you started!

1. Always remember to consult a physician prior to starting an exercise program.
2. Pick a weight that you can do 15 reps and that you feel the exercise by the 10th repetition.
3. For each exercise perform 2 sets of 15 repetitions with a 10 second break between the two sets.
4. Never do the same muscle group two days in a row? so if you give these exercises a try on Monday, give your back a rest on Tuesday but get right back on for Wednesday.

First exercise: Band Lat Pull down
Stand: Legs shoulder width apart, abs tight with a figure 8 band or a long band wrapped around your hands. Start with your arms above your head.
Action: Pull the band down to right above the chest, lift the chest slightly, and squeeze your shoulder blades. Slowly return to start position.




Second exercise: Back Row with dumbbells
Stand: Take one dumbbell in your right hand. Place your left knee on a chair and lean down with the back flat- no arching ladies!. Start with the arm straight.
Action: Lift your right elbow up to the sky keeping your arm by your body. Squeeze your back and then return to start position with the arm straight.


Third exercise: Back Fly with dumbbells
Stand: Knees slightly bent, legs shoulder width apart, abs tight with weights in your hand. Lean down with the back flat and chest down. Arms are straight hanging towards the floor.
Action: Lift your arms to the sides and squeeze your back as tight as you can. Return arms hanging towards the floor.


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