Four Ways To Stay Cool While Planning Your Wedding Day!

In the months leading up to your big day, it?s easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious in anticipation. ?Follow these tips below to keep cool during the process and enjoy being engaged!

  • Make a schedule-?Jot down a schedule/plan of all the wedding to do’s: things like the seating chart, invitations, and vendor visits. ?Planning a wedding is equivalent to a full time job, especially with all of the meetings, budget planning, emails, and appointments.? This schedule will also help you stay organized and on time.? The schedule doesn’t have to be super specific or over the top, but enough so the two of you can ensure all ?tasks are completed by the big day. ?You will feel excited to cross things off your to do list, and more able to enjoy a fabulous engaged life!
  • Create time for yourselves- It?s hard to think about anything else while you are planning your wedding, but it?s important to spend time with your special someone without talking about the wedding.? Set a day for wedding planning, and have a special day for just the two of you. There are great adventures you can go on together locally. ?Check out the different reservations in the Massachusetts area for great nature walks, hikes, or beaches:?Places to visit.? These make a great day trip are are super budget friendly.? Cooking in Couples is also a great site for recipes that are designed for two! Try a new dish and have fun creating a ?meal together!
  • Have a wedding corner– Wedding-planning can be hectic and before you know it, your home will turn into a real life Pinterest board.? A great way to minimize the clutter is to create one space designated for strictly weddings.? This is crucial so that important documents such as contracts, invitations, proposals, or layouts do not go missing.
  • Hire a planner -?And we’re not just saying that because we’re planners. Whim’s own event planner, Natalie Pinney, hired a Day of Coordinator for her wedding! Planning a wedding is like a full time job. If it’s stressing you out, you don’t have the time or you need some help, it’s worth it!

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What helped you stay cool while planning your wedding day?