June 26, 2013

Workshop Wednesday: DIY Recycled Crayons for Your Flower Girl, Ring Bearer or Kids Table!

These crayons are a sweet gift for flower girls and ring bearers. They are a perfect way to set up a children?s activity while still sticking with your wedding theme or color palette!

If you are someone who has old crayons this is how you repurpose them into a cute and useful gift. If having a hand in the creation of something special is important to you but you don’t have crayons on hand then start with new crayons and play with putting together color palettes for the final product.


  • Crayons (new or old without wrappers)
  • Knife (that you don?t care about) or hammer
  • Silicone chocolate/baking mold
  • Cookie sheet covered with tin foil
Cut up or break up crayons, arrange colors of your choosing, and fill mold halfway with crayon pieces. You do not need to grease the molds.
Place mold on top of tin foil covered cookie sheet. Bake in 225 degree oven for 12-15 minutes. Let cool before popping out of mold. Molds can be placed in the freezer to speed up the cooling process.
Having a strong base under the flexible molds and lining it with foil will save you the trouble of cleaning up troubles with melted wax.
Silicone molds come in all shapes, sizes, and themes!
Having an autumn wedding? Try fall foliage colored crayons shaped like leaves. Shells for a summer wedding on the shore? You can?t go wrong with classic hearts or flowers though!


Rachel Shuman Armentano is the owner and artist behind?Strawberry Small Works Studio?in Somerville, Massachusetts. In addition to being wedding and party obsessed she has years of experience as an art educator and believes everyone can make something beautiful!


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