My Big Fat Greek Wedding: Three Ways to Incorporate Greek Life Into Your Wedding

If you were in a sorority in college, you most likely have a ton of close friends that you can?t imagine your life without. They?ve been there for you through everything and whether they know your future husband or not, you most likely feel pressured to include every one of them in your wedding. You love all 160 of them, but how do you choose which ones will stand up at the altar with you on your big day? Fear not, for there are a couple of different ways you can honor your sisters without having a gigantic bridal party.

Every bride needs ?something borrowed? so why not borrow your sisters? pins? There are several ways you could utilize this concept. Borrow every sister present?s pins and attach them to your bouquet, or maybe just borrow your bridesmaid?s pins. You could also just borrow your MOH?s pin and attach it to the inside of your dress over your heart. Just remember to give them all back after the wedding!

If you?re marrying a fellow Greek (and even if you?re not), you could use lavalieres to represent your organization. Attach the lavalieres to your bouquet, or maybe even incorporate them into your centerpieces. They?ll be subtle enough to not make all other guests feel excluded, but will still honor the bond you share with your sisters (and hubby).

One of the easiest ways to recognize your sisters, and possibly your fianc??s brothers, is to have boutonniere?s made out of your organization?s flower for each member. This way, the flower on their lapel will signify each Greek brother or sister and you?re saved from hurting any feelings or having a large bridal party.

Whether you?re a Greek or not, picking your bridal party is always hard to do without leaving anybody out. Give your brothers and sisters their recognition through other details in your wedding and reception. Everybody will be happy, and it will add even more of a personal touch to your wedding.