July 1, 2013

Motivation Monday: How to Stay Motivated for Your Wedding Workout!

Don?t feel like working out???We all have those days! ?Here are some of my stick-with-it secrets to keep moving!

  • ?Pamper yourself:??Make a pact with yourself that if you spend 30 minutes doing some cardiovascular exercises or weights, then you get a reward such as a pedicure.??This keeps the habit going.
  • ?Try something new:?Go outside for a beach run if your workout is usually inside; try a new fitness class at your gym; or sign up for a personal training session!??Being bored will make you want to skip a session.

  • Make plans with a friend:?Having a buddy system is very helpful.??Grab a bridesmaid, a coworker, or a friend and ask them to go for a walk, go to a bootcamp class, go to a yoga class, or go for a bike ride.??Doing things together is fun and social.
  • ?Skip it today if you must, but have a plan for tomorrow! It is okay to have a day off, but have a super motivating day the next day.??Add on some extra cardio minutes or add a few more muscle exercises than you normally would.
  • Just do it! ?Put your workout outfit on, put your sneakers on and just start.??Once the feel good hormones start pumping, and you see everyone around you working out, you will forget you did not want to work out!?

How do you stay motivated?