December 29, 2019

The First Thing Every Newly Engaged Couple Should Do

You’re engaged – yay! We’re clinking our champagne glasses in your honor! Before you dive into the wedding planning, we wanted to share the one thing almost every newly engaged couple forgets to do before they begin. And, it’s the one thing that makes your wedding planning journey easier…

Newly engaged couples forget to initially talk to each other about what they both want for the big event.
Yes really. With the excitement of the engagement, it’s so easy to get swept up in the planning almost immediately: friends and family start asking the date, your mother wants to take you dress shopping, and you head to Google to start researching venue availability ASAP. But truly, the most important part of your planning is taking a step back (at the beginning and throughout) to really hear each other. What are each of your priorities? How do you both imagine the day? Do you each have strong opinions on must-haves and absolute nos about location, food, entertainment? Often these conversations don’t come up until it’s time to make a big decision (aka when you’re feeling urgency) which can lead to stressful conversations with each other and/or family. That’s why taking the time for this initial conversation, before anything else, is key to making your wedding decisions easier, every step of the way.

In our Kick-Off meeting with our couples, we ask them these questions and many more. And, almost every single time, one of the two hears something they didn’t know the other wanted! The Kick-Off gives each person time to share and builds a solid foundation, one in which we can reflect on later when making important choices and investments.

We are so excited to share our Wedding Planning Kick-Off worksheet with you – a worksheet filled with the very same questions we ask all of our couples in our first meeting. This Planning Kick-Off Worksheet is the perfect way for you and your fiance to start on the same page, which means your planning will be more joyful than stressful! Fill this out together over a glass of wine or bubbly, and enjoy this exciting time together!

Download your complimentary Wedding Planning Kick-Off worksheet below.

Photo: Abby and Lauren