The Anatomy of a Welcome Bag: Must-Haves for Wedding Guests

As guests start pouring in for your big day, greet them with hand-made wedding welcome bags delivered right to to their hotel room from you and your fiance. These bags should incorporate items from the area, wedding essentials and a personal touch from you! Here are our must haves for your wedding welcome bags:

Tote Bag: Put all of your guest?s goodies in a fab bag. It will be the first thing they see when they get there.? These can range from plain gift bags to reusable totes.? Add a personal touch on the bag, like printing your wedding date, city?s sports team, city name, or a photo.?You can also do non reusable bags, that are still customizable.

Map & List of Your Favs: ?Out of town guests are not going to know the top spots for shopping, food, or entertainment.? By giving them a local map with fun activities to do and places to visit during their stay, they will be sure to feel comfortable and taken care of.

Cool Refreshments:?Throw in a few bottles of water. You don?t want your guests to get dehydrated! Whether they use them on their way to the ceremony, or the next morning, they?re going to thank you for it.

Minis: It?s important to be conscious of the weather, especially when it pertains to your guests.? Add small bottles of sunscreen and aloe if your big day is during the warm months. ?Other must haves include: hand sanitizer, pain reliever, mints, and band aids.

Local Flare: Show your guests what your city has to offer.? If you?re getting married in Boston, include a Harpoon or Samuel Adams souvenir, Red Sox bottle opener or shot glass, Cape Cod potato chips, or even a lobster claw! These are fun additions to the bag that your guests will love.

Snacks: Food is crucial to keeping your guests happy.? Add small grab and go snacks, like pretzels, pita chips, and crackers.

Itinerary: Give guests a clear itinerary of the wedding weekend events. Include times, places, and who is attending, so they won?t have to go digging for their invitations.

Thank You Letter: The whole reason your guests are in town is to celebrate your big day.? Write them a thank you letter expressing how happy you are that they’ve made the trip to spend time with you!


What is your favorite item of the welcome bag?