August 21, 2013

Workshop Wednesday: Oven-bake Table Number Holders for Your Wedding!

The great thing about working with clay is that you only need ONE material! These card holders are made out of polymer clay that is baked in the oven. Polymer clay can be found at your local?craft supply store?and made by different brands such as Fimo and Sculpey. Just make sure it says “oven-bake” on it.
  • Polymer Clay
  • Knife (metal or plastic)
  • Oven
1. Open up the pack of clay!
(The clay shown here is a glistening gold color.)
2. Cut the clay block along the lines into 4 rectangles or into 8 smaller cubes.
3. Use the knife to make a thin slice halfway into the block of clay.This will be where the card is inserted when finished.
4. Leave the clay smooth or create a textural pattern using the straight edge of the knife.


5. Bake!


Follow the directions on the package but likely you will bake these at 275 degrees for 15 minutes. If you find after the first try that the slit sticks together place a small strip of newspaper in the slit while you bake it.


Rachel Shuman Armentano is the owner and artist behind?Strawberry Small Works Studio?in Somerville, Massachusetts. In addition to being wedding and party obsessed she has years of experience as an art educator and believes everyone can make something beautiful!


What’s your next craft project?