Three Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Caterer

If you?re like the Whim crew, we are super foodies. So when thinking about the type of food you want at your wedding, there are some important things to keep in mind when choosing your caterer. Food also plays an important role in the overall feel of the wedding, so read up before you eat up!

1.?????Plated vs. Buffet:?The battle between choosing a plated dinner or buffet style is a tricky one, and it comes down to the feel you want the wedding to have.??Plated is great because the courses will come out in a timed progression, and no one has to leave their seat.??This is especially good if you have a large number of guests, tight space, and long table seating.??Tell the caterer the number and type of entr?e at each table to speed up the delivery of the main courses. Buffets are great in small venues, less than 120 guests, and allow you have many different options. ?Buffets can create lines, so be sure to have your caterer call each table to the buffet, starting with the wedding party and older guests first. ?A great way to avoid any lines? Start with a plated or family style salad on the table. Whether you choose plated or buffet, both can be done tastefully and artfully, with aesthetic attention to detail. ?One of our favorite artful caterers? Max Ultimate Food, Boston

2.?????Seasonal & Local:??Many caterers offer menus that are local and?seasonal. ?Caterers that use locally sourced farm products have a keen eye for quality and concern for limiting environment impact. Also, locally sourced meats and produce taste fantastic, fresh and look beautiful on a plate. Be sure to research or ask your caterer what foods are in season, especially sides & vegetables – as they make a great?accompaniment??to add seasonal flair to a dish. Remember, athough pumpkin soup may?be your favorite thing, it may not be too popular or available on a hot July day.?If you have a seasonal or local fish, ?your caterer may not know the exact type until the month before the wedding. Although that might be?unnerving?to some, rest assured you will have the freshest fair you can possibly get. It’s like ordering the catch of the day at a restaurant! One of our favorite farm fresh caterers??Season to Taste Catering, Cambridge

3.?????Food Trucks:

Food trucks are becoming more and more popular at weddings. They are eco-friendly, cost efficient, and provide your guests with an unforgettable experience.?The important thing to remember with food trucks is that their staff is going to be cooking on the truck, and many do not serve or clear plates from your guests. Be sure to ask your food truck if they provide wait staff. If not, hire a waitstaff service to attend guests and remove unwanted plates and glasses to keep the tables clutter-free. Our fav Boston trucks? ?The Dining Car and?Mei Mei Street Kitchen

Lastly, be sure to remember your venue plays an important role in what style catering you choose. If your caterer advises you against a plated meal, truck or buffet because of the venue layout or size, ?don’t fight it – they want their food to be as good as you do!

What is your favorite wedding catering option?